April 29


Would I rather have three arms or three legs?

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  1. Monica Mendoza

    Would I rather get 3 Arms or 3 Legs?

    I will rather pick 3 arms.Why? Because my legs could walk and i only want 2 legs not three and it just looks weird.I said I wanted to have 3 arms because you need it to do important stuff like For Example:I wanted to buy food and i wanted to use my hands to pick it up instead of a kart,see I wanted to use 3 hands.I am not asking you guys to pick hands you could pick hands or legs.

    By,Monica M 🙂

  2. shephali

    I would have three arms because I could do more things at once and because my parents say to do more than one thing so I could do it.If you had three legs you might trip and fall,and it will be hard to run.

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