3 thoughts on “JOurnal

  1. Amanda

    A event that happened was when my grandma died and she was very special to all the people in my family. It changed me because she is not there any more for me when I am sad or I need help on finding something.

  2. quynh

    that is the first time , i and my family . With me , i’am a first kid , go to that place. People all have a jeans , with the uniform in That place and that is a solemn place , with no talking . People come to hope their family always lucky , and happy . We have a book , very long book , people will read it with someone who never hate animals , insect…. and they have a power like magic but not . I never believe at it , it is like never true , but when my stomach is hurt , very hurt , its lasts more than 2 days . My mom and me go to that place , someone come , and read 3 or 4 words , i don’t remember , my stomach is not hurt no more , that why i believe it , and that change my life .

  3. Brianna

    When i learned that my auntie was disabled because at first i thought that she used it to get around.

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