February 22


What things are important to you and why?

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  1. LeeAustin

    I think everything is important to me because all of it was from my parents even my video games because also if that breaks my dad would be super mad at me and I only get it one time.

  2. Quynh

    is my Family , because if you lost your family you can feel like 1 cavity contraction in your head , and family can make you happy too , everyday i think .

  3. Donny

    The most important thing is to me is video games because they are fun to play and fun to play because i love video game I have so much fun playing them.

  4. isaac lucas

    a essay is important becuse i took a long time to write it and i had to write nice so that i can give it to a teacher and will grade it so that i can see it.

  5. Amanda

    One thing that is important to me is my little sister because she is small and needs help on things. One other thing that is important is my parents and also my grades and in what I need to improve. That is what is important to me.

  6. Isaiah Lucas Craig

    The things that is important is going to school and getting an education and more I just cannot say but those are the ones that is important to me and if you do not get an education then you will have to repeat school or High School or College.That’s why it is so important,oh and you need to own a car,house and kids like if I asked my mom or dad then they would not know I just meant it for an example so please do not take this personally ok.

  7. Monica Mendoza

    I think the thing that is important to me is going to a school thats named college.I want to go to that school because i want to study about more about Math,science,art,and other kind of stuffs that i want to learn.

  8. nicebunny-aka-leilani

    I have three things important to me right now.Those three things are my education,family,and career. my family is important by them supporting me to get my education,my education is important because it will help me get my career on track later,and my career is important by getting me a good life. These three things lead me to a happy life.

  9. Devon

    my family is important in my life because thay raise me and thay love me and my other inportant to me is my dogs and my friend and my culture of being in the army so i can be a nice man and thats is @@@@

  10. Isaiah Lucas Craig

    The thing that is important to me is still school so I can learn more things and experience things I have not did before oh yea and again having an education so I can pass things get me a job and more things.

  11. (Junior)

    The things that are important to me is my friends and family and the reason I think these people is important to my is that when I am at school I can talk to my friend some times they could talk to and play with or come to their house and my family is important to me because they are always there for me when I need help or when I need to talk to when I am at home so those are answers to “what are important to me.

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