January 23

Mars vs. Earth by Nicholas

Mars and Earth are different in many ways. One example, Mars and Earth are different because of the canyons. Mars grand canyon is bigger than Earth’s Grand Canyon . Earth’s Grand Canyon is dwarfed by Mars Grand Canyon. Another example, Mars and Earth are different is because of the gravity. On Mars the gravity has less gravity than Earth. On Earth it has more gravity than Mars. Clearly, Mars and Earth have lots of differences.


January 23

Katerine’s News Report

What are we learning at school?I guess parents want to know. things were learning are different things at different times.We have AR which is when we read a book and test it we pass it or we don’t it’s Ok we tried our best. Second,we do fractions our teacher knows how to help us on something we don’t know she’s come and makes everything more easy. And lastly,we have our open court book we read the hard reading Ms. Penrose knows how to keep us challenged I don’t blame them there trying to help us learn.

January 23

Vanessa’s News Report

So far, in my classroom, we have been learning several things.In math, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions, and even borrow from them.In reading, we read an interesting story, called “The Book That Saved The Earth”.In science, we learned about life science, and learned photosynthesis.In social studies, we learned about the 13 original colonies.We are currently practicing on fluency.I have learned so much this trimester.

One More Thing…

Life Science

How do you tell the difference between a animal cell, and a plant cell?

January 23

Message from Santi


Hi guys I am Santi and I’m going to say what we our doing in school. Our class has been doing Soar, Open court, science, and social studies. Next, we have just finished THe Book That Saved Earth. Also, we had just done a project of life science and we did it in photosynthesis on paper to name where all the places like sugar, sunlight, H2O, O2 and c20. In greek and latin roots we did a slideshow about the words. Yesterday we watched Bill Nye of life science . Finally, we did a discussion about THe Book THat Saved Earth and we talked about the theme and that is most important and the theme is don’t judge a fairytale by the pictures. What do you think happens here in David Reese?