CDE Math Framework Chapter

Framework Grade Seven

UC Davis Go Math Training Materials- 7th-8th Grade July 2017

UC Davis Go Math 7-8 Training

Grade Level Professional Learning Resources for Teachers

Primary Focus for PLC Agendas

PLC:  Four Stages of a Group

PLC:  #ObserveMe

The PLC at Work Culture

PLC: Math Assessment Reflections by Course

PLC: Math Team Assessment Reflection by Unit

Meeting Killers Article

Content:  Proportional or Not?

Content:  Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tile Mats

Discourse:  Measurement and Analysis

Discourse:  5 Practices for Orchestrating Mathematical Discussions

Discourse: Introducing Productive Discourse to Students

Concrete, Representational, Abstract

General Resources

Math Talk Bookmarks

How to use an Open Number Line

Five Talk Moves

Article: Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say!