The implementation of Common Core State Standards – Math (CCSS-M) is challenging and teachers need access to the content and pedagogical skills and strategies necessary for 21st century students to be competitive and college/career ready. This series captures best practices and presentations that build knowledge and provide content for PLC work at school sites.


Math Generation Year Five Overview

Math Generation Year Four Overview

Math Generation Year Three Overview

Math Generation Year Two Overview

Math Generation Year One Overview

Number Talks/Talk Routines

Number Talks – Morse Elementary

Number Talks Demo – Grade 2

Number Talk – Toby Johnson Middle School

Which One Doesn’t Belong – James Rutter Middle School

Would You Rather – James Rutter Middle School

Read Two Ways/Productive Struggle

Read Two Ways – 2nd Grade Demo

Read Two Ways – 5th Grade Demo

Productive Struggle – Butler Elementary

Productive Struggle – Toby Johnson Middle School


3 Act Task – Batey Elementary (Kindergarten)

3 Act Task – Kennedy Elementary (5th Grade)

Sean’s Number- Video to observe SMPs


Math Journals


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