CA Go Math: Think Central September 10 2008007401 Explore technology features of Go Math. An overview of Think Central is provided including directions on how to use the Personal Math Trainer.


Go Math for New Teachers September 11 2008023502 The workshop will focus on the elements in California Go Math that are available to teachers. Training will focus on the 5 E’s included in Go Math (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), ELD, differentiation and assessment.
K-2 Early Numeracy Sept. 25

Oct. 9

Oct. 30




Three separate workshops geared toward developing numeracy in early elementary.


Growing Powerful Mathematical Thinking Through Discourse (K-6) Cohort series starts October 9 2008025101 A 4 part series on structuring math discourse in the classroom every day. Engage ALL students in high quality math tasks, while receiving support from fellow cohort teachers/coaches.
Empowering Mathematical Writers (Gr. 3-6) Cohort series starts September 18 2008025001 A 4 part series on taking oral discourse in math to the written level. Lessons are provided on developing writing strategies within math. Time will be given to plan for writing within Go Math alongside fellow cohort teachers/coaches.