A New Year

What are some of your first thoughts, reactions, or experiences you would like to share about 5th grade? Feel free to click on someone else’s comment if you want to respond to them as well.

6 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. My first impressings are eagle flyers. When I came here I didn’t know once you get called you get a prize. Second of all I’ve been doing good in my math, I take harder challenges. At my old schoolI didn’t take harder challenges. Last but not least, Fun Factor that surprised me. You get to do a whole lot of things. It’s on every friday for 4-6 grade. Thank You.

  2. One of my impressions about 5th grade was all the cool thingd we did on the first day of school.I have so many people in my class that i would love for them to be my friend forever.i think that 5th grade is the best grade of this david reese school because you can do things that you wanted to do.I think i might not leave this class!

  3. I have four reactions. One is that i feel beter in the front of the room so i can see beter. My second one is our we going on any fieldtrips that help ous learn. My third one is do u now when we have our fieldtrips our. My last one is our we going to have funfactor every friday only if it is raining but our we going to have more people tommrow.

  4. can we have cllassmeatings on tusday because i want to make more rules and complement people and the xo,ra,the cllass, and you. can we also make complement people from out side the cllass? THANK YOU FOR BEAING OUR TEACHER!!!!!!!!!

  5. I like 5th grade better than last year, my 5th grade has been good so far. I was suprised how little homework I got the first week, and how nice my teacher is. I think I’ll be happy to stay in Ms. Robertson’s class for a year.

  6. In the first week of schoolis going pretty good. I haven’t really gotten in alot of trouble. I was suprised I got Ms.Robertson for 5th grade. Maybe 5th won’t be so bad.

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