What are some goals you would like to reach? Successful people always have goals they are working towards. When they reach their goals, they make new ones to obtain. Goals can be short-term, or long-term. What is one goal you have for this week? How about a goal for this trimester? What do you need to do to reach that goal?

Homework 8-26

Homework 8-26: Reading- Reading Response Log, Spelling- 5x each, missedd words only, study for test tomorrow, Grammar- CLAS pp. 4-5: Nouns. All Emergency Forms are Due if you haven’t returned them already. If you are interested in the GATE/Accelerated Program at Reese, please return your permission slips ASAP. If you need information, please see me for a packet.

A New Year

What are some of your first thoughts, reactions, or experiences you would like to share about 5th grade? Feel free to click on someone else’s comment if you want to respond to them as well.


What an amazing first day of school it was today. Although it was a minimum day, we were able to accomplish so much in a short period of time. I am looking forward to another great full day tomorrow as we dive deeper into 5th grade.

Start looking over your Survival Guide and gather materials for a successful year. I would like everyone to have their materials ready by next Monday, if not sooner!

Homework 8/16: Finish Journal, Start collecting materials, HW Cal signed by parents.

CST’s 2010

The class just completed their annual CST’s for the year. I am very proud of the whole class and their efforts this year. I have never seen students be more focused and determined to show what they know. On Friday, the class enjoyed a pizza party for perfect attendance during testing. No make up testing for them! Everyone is looking forward to seeing what Mrs. Avey has planned for Thursday’s celebration.

Atoms Make Up all that “Matter”

Science has been quite exciting lately in our class. We have been learning about the tiniest particles that make up all matter-ATOMS. We have been learning about the structure of an atom, to locating elements on the periodic table. As a part of research, each student has reseached an element and put together a poster of fascinating facts. We are learning so much about the natural elements on Earth.

The other day we used gum drops and toothpicks to create molecules and compounds. As a closer, we all enjoyed a sweet treat as we chowed down on our atom pieces! Physical science has been so much fun this year, and there is more fun to come.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school after a nice long break!  I hope everyone enjoyed their time off track and holiday season. The next few months will be very busy as we prepare for our CST assessments at the end of April.

The newest news at David Reese is the announcement and farewell to our vice principal, Mrs. Stoppelmann last Friday. Mrs. Stoppelmann has been awarded the position as principal at Union House Elementary. On Friday, she came around and said “good-bye” to the class and the rest of the school. Many students made her cards to show their appreciation.  Mrs. Stoppelmann will be missed at Reese, but we know she will be a great principal at her new school.

In the classroom, we are off full speed with learning. We came back to school with a new genre for In2books, Social Studies, and have already jumped into our books. Our theme is American West. The students are reading about the early days of pioneers, the Trail of Tears, the Pony Express, Sacajawea, and the challenges and tribulations of moving across country by covered wagon. After some group discussion, we will be ready to begin our letters to our pen pals who are eagerly waiting to hear what we think of our latest book choices.

In math, we are continuing with fractions. We spent a few days reviewing adding and subtraction and now we will continue with multiplication and division of fractions. Fractions have been challenging for many students, but with hard work, the students will master the much needed skills for the future.

There is so much going on across the board, from a new science unit on matter, to social studies where we have begun learning about our rich, diverse country and it’s people. We will continue to work on a variety of writing prompts and techniques to improve our skills there as well.  Lastly, we will begin a larger focus on physical fitness training in preparation for our PE testing around the same time as our CST assessments in April.

Thank you for your support in making sure your child is prepared for school each day with a healthy breakfast, the tools they need (including pencils), and a good night sleep the night before. The success of your child is just as much a priority for me as well. Please continue to check our blog for additional posts and responses from students and others. This is a great way to stay connected to our class throughout the year.

Field Trip to CSUS

On Tuesday, December 1, the class took a field trip to CSUS to meet their writing partners. The students have had multiple opportunities to write back and forth with a college freshman in the undergraduate Nursing program. The day couldn’t have gone more perfectly.

Clear skies, nice temperatures for December, smiling faces, and loads of excitable energy loaded bus 134 at 9:20 am. After taking a slight detour around Sac State, we arrived at the bus drop off in front of the J Street entrance to Sac State at 9:50. As Prof. Curtis arrived to greet us, the students waited in anticipation for the day to really begin. Some were probably wondering; What did their writing partner look like? How would they act? Were they shy or outgoing?

At 10 am we were escorted through the campus behaving as the young adults the students knew to be. Being on a college campus, the students were very respectful of the learning environment, the other college students and the campus overall. They walked with dignity and respect admiring the buildings and great vegetation the school has to provide. Most of the students stayed up with the main group, but a few staggered behind, encouraged to keep moving so we didn’t lose the group. Finally we arrived at our destination- a college classroom where their college partners were already waiting!

What a great surprise. We were told their college class didn’t begin until 10:30 am. All but 4 or 5 partners had come early just to be there for the students. The kids and their writing partners quickly got together and chatted for a little while as they made name tags with the choice of colors and stickers to choose from. After a short interview from student to college partner about why they chose to go to college (per Ms. Robertson’ request), the students were ready to try out the “clickers”.

What fun! In college, professors can use the “clickers” to get an instant response to a lecture by posting questions to the class. This time, the writing partners asked the students various questions from their favorite color to their best subject in school. I think the winner of that one was Recess! All the students had a blast taking part in the surveys.

One of the highlights of the day came when we took a walk over to the Nursing building where a simulation of patients in a few hospital rooms were available for the students to listen to their lungs with a real stethoscope. Each manikin had a different respiratory issue, making the sound of the stethoscope different for each manikin.  The buddies went around together, trying out the equipment, posing for the camera, and learning about the heart monitors and computers used in a real hospital. One manikin even had the ability to talk and communicate with you. Several students had to help that patient as she seemed to get sick and throw-up a lot! Good thing a bucket was near-by! Smiles and interested bodies circulated all 3 rooms. For the writing partners, this was a new experience for them as well. According to one student, they don’t get to work on the manikins until their Junior year in college.

After spending a good amount of time with the manikins, we were off for a quick look at the Game Room in the Union, and then to meet the CSUS men’s soccer coach and a little chat about athletics and the importance of keeping up their grades to play sports.  Too soon, it was time to go though. After a short talk and a few questions, the students received posters and a goodie bag from their buddies. Everyone said their good-byes and we headed back for our bus as the other students headed off to their next class . . . or maybe some lunch!

All the students had a positive college experience on this trip to Sac State. The time and effort put in by Prof. Curtis and her students made all the difference. As a teacher I hope more will consider college as a possibility for them and work to achieve that goal in the future. Who ever knew college was so much fun!