What are some goals you would like to reach? Successful people always have goals they are working towards. When they reach their goals, they make new ones to obtain. Goals can be short-term, or long-term. What is one goal you have for this week? How about a goal for this trimester? What do you need to do to reach that goal?

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. I love the concept of goal setting! How are you each using your goals to further your performance as students? I would love to hear some responses:)
    Mrs. Avey

  2. I would like to reach some goals in my life. One goal I would love to reach is my comprehension goal because I think that comprehension is the most important thing in my whole trimester. I will start reading more books. I will also ask questions when I don’t understand.

  3. My goal is to get my flency grade up this 3 months. I will read every day out loud when I`m finish with my homework

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