Back To School Night Reminder…

Back to School Night is on Thursday night at 5:30. We will start in the Multipurpose Room and then move to the classrooms from there. It is preferred that students stay home and only parents attend. This way, parents have an opportunity to listen carefully to class guidelines and expectations for the year. A schedule has been created to help ensure parents are able to visit multiple student classrooms. See everyone tomorrow night!

A New Year

What are some of your first thoughts, reactions, or experiences you would like to share about 5th grade? Feel free to click on someone else’s comment if you want to respond to them as well.

Class Meeting

Today we had our first class meeting of the year. We went over procedures and expectations in the beginning. Then we walked through a concern one student brought up in the meeting. After discussing and agreeing on a logical consequence using the Three R’s, we ended with compliments. I am so impressed with this class’s maturity level and respect for one another. It is clear that everyone wants others to succeed! I can’t wait for our next class meeting, next Wednesday after lunch. I know they will keep getting better and better.

KUDOS! We had 6 students “Quiz Out” of math homework for the first lesson tonight!

Homework 8-18: Math – Practice 1-1 (unless you quizzed out), Journal – complete today’s topic, Social Studies- page 3 of the packet.