We are delighted over the number of recent requests to offer a workshop on Project-Based Learning (PBL). We welcome the opportunity to initiate shared conversations on how technology can support teachers in taking student learning to new levels.

So what is PBL all about and how does it connect to the Common Core State Standards? In a nutshell, the Common Core are “the what” and PBL is “the how,” with technology adding fuel to the scope and impact of authentic learning.

Image from Ginger Lewman, ESSDACK, 2012

Thanks to the outstanding PBL resources available online, teachers do not need to scramble to find material and ideas. Between Edutopia’s dynamic PBL resources, with Suzie Boss leading the way; the Buck Institute for Education’s PBL site; and Ginger Lewman’s PBL in the Primary Classroom LiveBinder and her Life Practice blog site – teachers¬† have outstanding PBL resources at their fingertips.

Our slideshow presentation walks teachers through the definition and some sample best practices, gleaned mainly from Edutopia. Our goal for the remainder of the school year is to replace Edutopia best practices with PBL samples from EGUSD classrooms.


If you have PBL resources, samples, or activity ideas, we hope you will jump into the conversation and leave a comment.