As educators, we recognize the importance of basing our practice on sound research.  We’ve listed below some of the resources we share in our workshops. We hope this growing bank will help you make the case at your site for technology integration into core curriculum, as opposed to technology as a stand-alone subject.

  • 2010 Horizon Report – Annual report from the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project “describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry on college and university campuses within the next five years.”
  • Confront the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century – Henry Jenkin’s white paper  is great piece to share with administrators, who will be happy to see that textual literacy still remains a critical skill for the 21st century; in fact, “before students can engage with new participatory culture, they must be able to read and write.”
  • New Media and New Literacies: Reconstructing Education for the New Millennium – Douglas Kellner argues that “we need multiple literacies for our multicultural society, that we need to develop new literacies to meet the challenges of new media and technologies, and that literacies of diverse sorts are crucial in restructuring education for a high tech and multicultural society and global culture.”
  • Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier – PBS documentary series Frontline touches on a variety of themes  including:
  1. concerns about information overload and multitasking;
  2. the role of computers and digital technology in education & learning; and,
  3. the nature and impact of virtual reality and virtual worlds on real-world life and culture.