antsAn up-and-coming screenplay writer in Skye Smith’s 1st grade classroom at Prairie Elementary also has a starring role in the soon-to-be-released video  Ants in Your Pants. With a bit of directing from her teacher and much encouragement and support from her classmates, this young writer has moved through the process of taking a story from a  draft to a multimedia production – one that will make a difference to the victims of Japan’s recent disaster.

“What started as a language arts activity soon blossomed into a social action project,” Smith explained. “As we studied about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, my students wanted to do something to help the children. We have dedicated Ants in Your Pants to the children of Sendai, Japan.”

This group of students puts into practice the belief that “making the world better starts with us.” As for their Ants in Your Pants production, here are some thoughts they’ve shared in their daily writing journals:

* We want to help the children of Sendai, Japan…I will tell the children, ‘Do not be frightened. There will be a better future. We all love you.'”  (Jhertau)

* “I want them to feel safe again. ” (Pashia)

* “When the children of Japan see our movie, I know that it will make them smile. Even if it’s a little smile.”, (Dulce)

* “I want to say to the children,’ I am so sad you had an earthquake and I wish you were in (our movie) Ants in Your Pants.'” (Jason L.)

* “I will tell the children of Japan,  ‘Don’t be frightened, I will give you my copy of the movie (Ants In Your Pants) so you can laugh again.”‘ (Javier)

* “To the children of Japan, I’m sorry of the earthquake.  I want you to have food, water and clothes and sweaters. When you see our movie, you are going to laugh.  The movie name is Ants In Your Pants. It’s funny!” (Jennifer)

What a treat it is to visit  Skye Smith’s classroom and to see first-hand the level of student engagement, excitement, collaboration, and purpose!