Bullying as Seen Through Our Eyes

On Thursday, the class had a discussion about our first book theme; Bullying. Bullies are a huge topic in school and affect everyone around, not just the victims being “bullied”.  What is a bully to you? How do they affect those around them?

17 thoughts on “Bullying as Seen Through Our Eyes

  1. I think bullies are mean because they tried to take revenge or be cool. Maybe they just want to be the bully. They pick on you in the bus and everywhere Bullies can be sly which means that thay are tricky. They also steal and they give you weggies and wetwilies. They give you nick names like nerd and worm lips. I hate when they push you and people start to laugh you. You will be embarrased or criying. Sometimes bullies ruin your party.

  2. Sac State was so fun I liked it alot. I liked seeing the manikins it was so weird too! Even one of them talked!

  3. To me bulliess are jerks.They try to act cool by hurting other kids. they take peoples lunch money and hurt them.

  4. A bully to me is someone whos mean and calls u names and makes fun of u they hit u and then u turn sad bullys are mean to everyone also they never leave u alone u should go to a teacher if someone is bulling u.

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