HWAS Mon. 06/13/11

Spelling – #1-10 Meaningful Sentences
Reading – TBH Vocab. definitions from glossary AND sentences. Notes pg. 352-355
ELA – Writer’s Notebook – Finish Letter to Leslie/Jesse

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  1. meaningful sentences
    1) The knotted shoelaces were so tied you could not untie them.
    2) Mr.Alfonso says his hair is thinning because of stress.
    3) When A’shaun runs your vision is blurred.
    4) He dropped the glass on to the counter and it got dirty.
    5)To make cake you must have stirred the batter.
    6) He begged for a new nintendo 3DS.
    7) I was starring at the fried chicken because it looked delicous.
    8)I sobbed because i got hurt.
    9) My skinny jeans are fitting me small.
    10) I dragged my across th floor.

  2. Spelling sent 1-10
    1-We knotted the rope twice so we would not fall off from the tree.
    2- Thinning of the skin and prominent blood vessels are the most common side effects.
    3- The glass blurred because I breath on it.
    4- She drooped the water when she saw the big spider.
    5- I was stirring the cake mix for the cake fro my brothers birthday.
    6- I begged and begged intil they took me to the mall.
    7- My cousin and i want to go watch the movie Monte carlo starring Selena Gomez.
    8-The girl sobbed in tear after finding out she didnt make it to UC Davis.
    9-My little brother went to the fitting room to try on pants.
    10- He dragged himself up the stairs after running 2 miles.

  3. 1: I knotted my shoelaces twice so I won’t trip.
    2: Thinning means to make thing smaller.
    3: Mr.Alfonso says that it might be blurred to watch A’shaun run because he runs very fast.
    4: My jaws drooped when I saw my aunty in her hmong traditional dress.
    5: I was stirring my auntie’s wedding cake.
    6: I begged my parents for a phone but they say “NO” all the time or “Your too young to have one.”‘
    7: Selena Gomez is starring in her new movie.
    8: The faun in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe sobbed because he was going to kiddnapp Lucy but didn’t.
    9: I go to the Ladies’ fitting room to try on the clothes.
    10: I dragged my mom to got to the mall.

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