One thought on “HWAS Thurs. 06/08/11

  1. 11. motorcycle- My uncle drives his Harley Davidson motorcycle while my aunt is at work because she doesn’t like it.
    12. newspaper- Elk Grove has their own newspaper that gets thrown onto lawns and pourches for people to read.
    13. sweatshirt- I had to wear my cousin’s sweatshirt because I left mine in the hotel before we left.
    14. background- I have never been a person to just sit in the background, I’ve always had to be in the front.
    15. thunderstorm- It’s never a good idea to drive through a thunderstorm because the roads are wet and teh wind and rain is bad.
    16. meanwhile- I watched the fireworks meanwhile my cousins through poppers at everyone walking by.
    17. moonlight- His eyes sparkled and gleamed in the moonlight on fourth of July.
    18. churchyard- Easter was held in the churchyard down the street where everyone gathered.
    19. landscape- My uncle helped build the coolest piece of landscape while at work in LA.
    20. overhead- Before our school got Elmos and Smart Boards all The teachers had overhead projectors and a white screen that slid down.

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