HWAS Tues. 06/14/11

Spelling – #11-20 Meaningful Sentences
Reading TBH – Introductory Paragraph, transfer sticky notes to graphic organizer.
Writing – Writer’s Notebook – Finish list of Tips for Spies. (Complete Sentences).

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  1. Spelling Sentences

    11. I fanned myself when it was 90 degrees outside.
    12. I was petting my dog after we ran a mile around our block, and she drank two bowls of water.
    13. The crocodile snapped at an adult for teasing it with a piece of meat.
    14. Last night for dinner we had a decent meal at my grandmother’s house.
    15. A burglar robbed a bank and three
    16.My sister admitted that she ate her bag of candy.
    17. My dog was digging a hole for her favorite bone.
    18. My dad was trapping a mouse in our kitchen corner.
    19. It was hotter today then yesterday.
    20. In soccer my team was winning, and we would win a champion ship trophie.

  2. Spelling sent 11-20:
    11- I fanned myself meanwhile every one was finishing running the track.
    12- I was petting the puppies that were free outside a house.
    13- I snapped at my little brother when I was telling him what to do and he started to daydream.
    14- I couldn’t believe it when i got somewhere decent to live.
    15- He robbed the shiny diamond necklaces from “Walmart”
    16- He admitted to taking the car from the man.
    17- The dogs were digging for their bones.
    18- They were trying to catch the bird because it was colorfull.
    19- These days are getting hotter and I HOPE we have the water day.
    20-I was winning on the game of filling the water balloon with the PLASTIC water gun.

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