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Celebrating Digital Learning Day- February 25, 2021



Over the past year, the landscape of digital learning has changed dramatically. Teachers who previously looked at digital tools as optional have learned how to utilize these tools for daily interaction with their students and as primary vehicles for instruction, student practice, and assessing progress. Now more than ever, it is essential to provide teachers with high quality digital learning resources and opportunities to share those resources with a broader community.

On February 25, 2021, educators from around the United States will be celebrating Digital Learning Day. Educators can join a network of over 1,700 contributors to share resources, best practices, and stories of overcoming adversity in these difficult times.   

Digital Learning Day was started in 2012 by the Alliance for Excellent Education and has grown in reach and scope over the past decade. They strive to provide “high-quality, customizable, and equitable” digital learning opportunities for “each and every student”. Educators can explore their curated resources and filter by state, grade level, category, and type. They can also view resources from Google for Education and incorporate digital citizenship lessons on digital footprint and evaluating the credibility of online sources.

To participate in Digital Learning Day:

  1. Join the network at 
  2. Spread the word online and share your membership on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Share your digital learning strategies on Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtags #DLDay2021 and #DLDay.
  4. Plan a #DLDay activity for February 25, 2021 and join thousands of educators celebrating nationwide.

Digital Citizenship Week 2019 – So Many Possibilities…

Mark your calendars: Digital Citizenship Week 2019 is October 14-18.

Digital Citizenship Week

All of our EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators have been busy submitting their site implementation plans for the 2019-2020 school year, and we are encouraged to see that there have been some big changes over last year’s plans. We asked the question – If your site has not yet shifted from teaching digital citizenship as a stand-alone to weaving it into subject areas, how do you plan to make that transition?

We invite you to explore some of the below resources, which may inspire you to try something new during Digital Citizenship Week.

How will your students, staff and families celebrate this annual event? We would love to showcase #DigCit activities happening at our schools. From lessons, to activities, to guest speakers – please keep us in the loop with whatever you are planning.

If you are looking for ideas, Common Sense is always our first go-to resource. Checkout their Digital Citizenship Week 2019 page, which highlights new lessons and resources to help ignite classroom conversations during Digital Citizenship Week and throughout the school year. Note: If you don’t already have a Common Sense account, it will take you only a minute to set one up. You will need to be logged in to download their lessons.

Ask your primary students to share one takeaway from We the Digital Citizens.

Empower your middle school students with ideas for dealing with Digital Drama Unplugged.

Challenge your high school students to confront Hate Speech Online.

Bring your teachers and administrators into a conversation on digital citizenship as a stand-alone topic vs. digital citizenship as an integral part of the core curriculum. We love a recent question raised by Rocklin USD’s Ryan O’Donnell (@creativeedtech) and PLESD’s Brian Briggs (@bribriggs): Is Digital Citizenship like teaching Family Life?

Many parents are not well versed on ever-changing digital citizenship issues and topics and all things social media. There is an absolute need for a home-to-school partnership in educating our students in what it means to be positive, contributing citizens in all the communities to which they belong – both face-to-face and online.  Digital Citizenship skills go well beyond competency in using a Chromebook. We all need to learn how to navigate a variety of topics and this can’t be done in a single lesson. It makes sense to integrate Digital Citizenship focus areas into core curriculum lessons. Below are some examples:

All Subjects:

  • Media Literacy – How do we check sources for credibility when doing online research? Sample lesson: Hoaxes and Fakes 
  • Digital Footprint – How can we ensure that our online lives are leaving a positive digital trail? Sample lesson: Our Online Tracks


History/Social Science/Current Events:

We’ve come to realize that we all need digital citizenship and media literacy skills along with tips for protecting our online privacy. We appreciate all the resources Common Sense offers parents. We would also like to acknowledge several other organizations for their invaluable #digcit resources for adults:

  • Cyberbullying Research Center – Researchers Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin continually update their findings on cyberbullying. Their resources for educators range from creating a positive school climate to understanding the alarming rise in sexting.
  • ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) – A year ago, ISTE CEO Richard Culatta made an on-going commitment to keep digital citizenship at the forefront on technology integration via #digcitcommit. ISTE has also woven digital citizenship into their Technology Standards.
  • iKeepSafe – The Internet Keep Safe Coalition© (iKeepSafe) certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information.
  • The Privacy Project – From the New York Times, this is a great online newsletter for updates on a variety of privacy issues.

If you are available on Wednesday, October 16, we hope you can join the EGUSD team for the 7th Annual Stand Up, Speak Out Against Bullying Rally. This event is sponsored by the OCA and the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance and will be held at the California Museum’s Unity Center. This year, 6th grade students from Roy Herburger Elementary will participate in the youth rally.  Click here to see highlights from last year’s event.

Stand Up Speak Out Event

Stand Up Speak Out! 7th Annual Youth Rally
Wednesday, October 16, 2018
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
CA Museum – Unity Center
1020 O Street, Downtown Sacramento

We are looking forward to showcasing what our schools are doing, including how they celebrated Digital Citizenship Week, part of National Bullying Prevention MonthPlease add to the conversation and resources by leaving a comment below.

“Digital citizens think critically about what they see online, understand the benefits and risks of sharing information, and balance screen time with other activities. But digital citizens aren’t born—they’re taught by teachers like you!” Common Sense

Social Media, Cyberbullying and the Role of the Bystander – Change Is Coming

Throughout history, the role of the bystander has been attributed to inciting countless bad things. Today, bystanders are involved in most cyberbullying incidents – with no consequences for their actions or lack of action. Change is coming. We recently attended a Parent Night presentation at Joseph Kerr Middle School (JKMS) from the Organization for Social Media Safety (SMS). We were happy to meet some of the parents, PTA members, JKMS staff and leadership students in attendance.

Joseph Kerr Middle School Social Media Safety Parent Night

Ed Peisner, a father, who founded SMS in 2017, opened his presentation with a short video to explain the organization’s mission.

In response to the 2017 vicious, debilitating attack on his son Jordan, which was filmed by the attacker’s friend and then uploaded to social media (Snapchat), Ed took action. In addition to forming the SMS, he dedicated himself to working with public policy. Within the year, and in collaboration with California Assemblymember Matt Dababneh, Ed spearheaded the passing of AB 1542, AKA Jordan’s Law. The law makes it a criminal offense to deliberately record an attack for the purpose of posting it on social media, and, in some cases, the person filming and posting the video (bystanders) could also be charged.

Ed Peisner from The Organization for Social Media Safety

Peisner views AB 1542 as a step forward for change. But he’s not stopping there. He is currently working on “groundbreaking social media safety legislation at the state level and with local school boards on enhancing social media safety policies.”

In Jordan’s case, only the perpetrator, who did not even know Jordan, was charged with a crime.  The bystanders, including the young woman partnering with the perpetrator to film the attack, were not charged. Typically the perpetrators commit the act of bullying/cyberbullying and recording/posting to social media for the purpose of gaining “likes”, more important to them than the consequences of their actions.  Without the bystanders, the attack on Jordan would likely not have happened. It is because of bystanders that history all too often repeats itself.

We recommend visiting the SMS website and signing up for their newsletter. We’re also following the organization on Facebook and Twitter to help keep on top of the ever-changing social media issues that impact the lives and safety of our students and their families.

We look forward to next year’s student rally at JKMS with Ed Peisner and enthusiastically support the work and goals of SMS:

SMS is the nation’s first non-profit that serves as a consumer protection organization focused solely on social media safety. SMS protects families from all social media-related dangers including cyberbullying, violence, hate speech, human trafficking, and propaganda through innovative educational programming, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and technology development.” 

Cyberbullying Prevention – 5 Things Parents Can Do
  • Help your child be an upstander — not a bystander. Children are hesitant to get involved, in case the bully turns their sights on them. But there are ways to allow your child to work behind the scenes to reach out to the victim, get an adult involved, and prevent more cruel behavior.
  • Teach your child empathy. Nothing drives home a point faster than walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. If children truly understand what someone else is going through, they’re less likely to bully someone — or passively witness others being bullied.
  • Help children understand the line between funny and cruel. Children’s online communication is often purposely ambiguous or accidentally cruel — both of which can lead to misunderstandings. If drama starts brewing, ask your child to call or speak face to face with his/her friend to clear it up.
  • Make sure they talk to someone (even if it’s not you). As children enter the middle school years, their circle of friends and trusted adults widens. Children need a responsible adult to confide in — their school counselor, their music teacher, even the parent of a friend. Talk to your children about who they can go to if trouble is brewing.
  • Show your child how to stop cyberbullying. Tell children not to respond or retaliate. Not feeding the bully can stop the cycle. And — if anything does happen — save the evidence.

Source: Common Sense

Top Social Media Safety Tips
  • Keep your social media pages on private. Double check they are on private.
  • Turn off geo-tagging on your social media posts.
  • Do not let your teen “friend” people they do not directly know. Teens should NEVER make plans to meet someone they met on social media.
  • Report inappropriate content (bullying, hate speech, obscenity) to the social media platform AND block the poster, while still saving the evidence.

Source: Organization for Social Media Safety (SMS)

For more cyberbullying and social media information and resources, please visit the cyberbullying  and social media 101 pages of our website.

#CUE19 – A few #DigCit takeaways

Attending a CUE conference is always worth the 9-hour drive from Elk Grove, CA to Palm Springs, CA. Last week’s #CUE19 three-day conference delivered on the promise to provide “dozens of workshops – hundreds of sessions – countless memories” – along with a number of digital citizenship/media literacy takeaways:

Got DigCit? 

As the co-directors of EGUSD’s Digital Citizenship Program, we really value opportunities to learn about ways other districts are weaving #DigCit into the school day, so we were excited to attend Ben Cogswell and Norma Gamez’s session.

If you check out their presentation, you will see that in addition to pulling lessons and resources from Common Sense and other organizations, they even create their own:

They also brought up a good point on the two ways we need to be rolling out digital citizenship – Explicit: Planned Lessons and Emergent: In the Moment:

planned lesson vs. in the moment

We’re looking forward to attending Ben and Norma’s session at Monterey Bay CUE’s May 18 DigCit Summit in Salinas, CA.

Session 5: Thinking Critically about the (Fake) News

It’s always a privilege to join Rob Appel and Kelly Mendoza for a #DigCit/#MediaLiteracy presentation. We were excited to present to a packed room full of educators enthusiastic about gathering new resources for this rapidly changing topic.

Thinking Critically Presentation

Over the past year, we have continued to update and add to our media literacy resources, with the goal of providing tips for helping students (and ourselves) step out of “filter bubbles,” use effective search skills, and become fact-checking pros (and lateral readers).

If you didn’t make it to our session, here’s the link to our session resources. We hope you can join us at the May 18 #DigCit Summit.

Can I Use That? Exploring Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons 

If you were one of our participants, thank you for your great questions and your interest in the topic. We wish this had been a 90-minute session. It’s always a challenge to pack all the information into an hour.

As essential as this topic is to media literacy/digital citizenship programs, we are finding that educators are still not feeling fully confident of their understanding of copyright, their ability to flex their fair use muscles, and their understanding of Creative Commons best practices. It was exciting at the end of our session to have a number of participants ask if they could use our presentation … the following Monday.

In addition to offering our sessions at national conferences, making sure Elk Grove Unified teachers and administrators have options within the district to attend our workshops is a top priority. We will be updating the ERO schedule soon with our next round of workshops and will also post the dates, times, and locations here on the website.

“I think the classroom teacher has a unique opportunity to introduce media literacy concepts and critical thinking questions every time they teach with images, film, video, news, advertising and the Internet.” Frank Baker, Media Literacy Clearinghouse

Digital Citizenship Week: Oct.15-19

Digital Citizenship Week

All of our EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators have been busy submitting their site implementation plans for the 2018-19 school year. We are looking forward to showcasing what our schools do to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, part of National Bullying Prevention Month. We are also excited by a recent invitation from EdWeb, Common Sense and ISTE to participate in their national webinar highlighting digital citizenship week activities.

We invite you to explore some of the below resources, which may inspire you to try something new during Digital Citizenship Week.

California Department of Education

The California Department of Education, in collaboration with Common Sense Media and the California State legislature, will celebrate Digital Citizenship Week: October 15-19, 2018. This celebration will continue to emphasize ongoing efforts to empower students in the areas of critical thinking, online safety, and responsible use of technology at school and at home.

This year’s topics include:

  1. Online Privacy
  2. Media/Online Literacy
  3. Anti-Bullying
  4. Positive Online Communities/Digital Leadership

The CDE’s weekly plan of events for Digital Citizenship Week provides links to Common Sense Media Lessons for educators and family resource/activity links in both English and Spanish. You can download the Digital Citizenship Weekly Plan from their website.
Note: The CDE’s weekly plan links to the old Common Sense lessons for grades 3-5. The pages have warning messages letting users know that they have updated their curriculum for grades 3-5, with links to the new lessons. Be sure you use the new/updated lessons. The updated curriculum addresses these six topics: Media Balance & Well-Being; Privacy & Security; Digital Footprint & Identity; Relationships & Communication; Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech; and News & Media Literacy.

Common Sense Media – Digital Citizenship Week

What’s New?
In the eight years since Common Sense launched their K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, they’ve responded to educator needs and concerns related to the rapidly changing digital landscape. We’re pleased to announce a significant update to their curriculum built on new research with Harvard’s Project Zero to make sure educators have the best resources to prepare today’s students for success. “Whether you’re new to our curriculum or have been using it for years, we think you’ll be excited to learn more.” – Common Sense Media

The updated Common Sense K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum will be released in phases over the course of the 2018–2019 school year. Here’s when you can expect the lessons to launch.

  • August 15: Grades 3–5 lessons are available now
  • January: Grades 6–8 lessons launch.
  • Fall 2019: Grades K–2 and 9–12 lessons launch.

Learn more about the new updates to the curriculum on CSM’s website.

Digital Passport:
September 25, 2018 – The Digital Passport™ update is here! CSM’s award-winning suite of interactive games for grades 3–5 is now easier to use and even includes Mix-n-Mash, a great resource for a lesson on copyright/creative credit.

Students remix media content to create a new creative piece. Along the way, they give proper credit to the artists whose images and sound clips they use.

Students will:

  • Learn about copyright, credit, and plagiarism and apply their knowledge to their own creative work.
  • Reflect on the ethical importance of giving credit to others for their work.
  • Determine how to receive credit for their digital creations.


Educators – Are you following #DigCit on Twitter?

Following Twitter hashtags such as #DigCit will bring up collective resources and conversations. If you would like to delve into digital citizenship issues via a Professional Learning Network (PLN), Twitter is a great starting point.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

At ISTE 2018, ISTE CEO Richard Culatta challenged every educator to commit to doing one thing to push digital citizenship to the forefront for every student by sharing their commitment with #DigCitCommit. Many educators took up the challenge and shared their plans on social media. Be sure to follow the #DigCitCommit hashtag.

ISTE Article (September 28, 2018) 4 ways to fuel your #DigCitCommit – By Lauren Villaluz and Vanessa Monterosa

Stand Up Speak Out! Against Bullying

Stand Up Speak Out Poster

In 2011, OCA Sacramento and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (now Mayor Steinberg) founded the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance. The Coalition’s signature event is the Stand Up Speak Out! Annual Anti-Bullying Rally during National Bullying Prevention Month (October).  Elk Grove Unified students from Roy Herburger Elementary and Sierra Enterprise Elementary will participate in the youth rally.  This year’s event takes place at the California Museum – Unity Center.

Stand Up Speak Out! 6th Annual Youth Rally
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
CA Museum – Unity Center
1020 O Street, Downtown Sacramento

Download the Flyer

We’ve included lots of great resources for you to explore. As always, if you have additional resources to share, please leave a comment below.

KAMS #DigCit Parent Outreach

In the #DigCit spotlight …

KAMS Instagram

Source: Instagram @albianims

Parent outreach is an essential component of an effective digital citizenship program. Each year, we ask all EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators/schools to include a parent component in their annual Digital Citizenship Implementation Plans. Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing first-hand how Katherine L. Albiani Middle School (KAMS) staff are involving parents in discussions on positive and safe uses of social media.

Katherine Albiani Middle School Students at ICanHelp Assembly

Kim Karr leads #ICanHelp Assembly – Source:


Katherine Albiani Middle School Students at ICanHelp Assembly

#ICanHelp Assembly – Source:

As a follow-up to KAM’s Wednesday #ICANHELP student assembly, Principal Brie Bajar and Activities Director Donna McNeel hosted yesterday morning’s Parent Talk Coffee Hour. During this highly-interactive discussion, parents were provided with a recap of the assembly and an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns about their own children’s use of social media. All who were present clearly enjoyed the combination of relevant, timely information and the warm humor included in the #DigCit Parent Talk.

Katherine Albiani Middle School Students at ICanHelp Assembly

#ICanHelp Assembly – Source:

The KAMS event complements Common Sense Media’s recently released Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences, which “sheds a light on teens’ changing social media habits and why some kids are more deeply affected by — and connected to — their digital worlds. The report is a nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 kids age 13 to 17.” The report tracks changes from 2012 to today, depicting how teens’ social media use continues to change over time. Click here to read the full report.

We would like to recognize the KAMS community for “leading by example” by awarding them with our first EGUSD Digital Citizenship badge. Congratulations!


If you have examples of digital citizenship leadership and best practices from your school, please let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us through email ( and We look forward to awarding more Digital Citizenship badges throughout the school year.


EGUSD Students Stand Up and Speak Out Against Bullying

Students from several of our EGUSD schools (Monterey Trail High School and Roy Herburger Elementary School) took the pledge to “Stand Up Speak Out” against bullying at the California Museum’s Unity Center as part of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month and Digital Citizenship Week celebrations.

Stand Up Speak Out Youth Rally - CA Museum - Unity Center

“The Unity Center at the California Museum celebrates the state’s diverse people, customs and cultures. Initiated in 1999 in response to a series of Northern California hate crimes, the Center’s interactive multimedia exhibits highlight leaders in the state’s rich civil rights history and encourage visitors to find common ground while embracing their own individuality.”

Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying Event - CA Museum - Unity Center

We reached out to the 6th grade team of teachers at Roy Herburger to get their thoughts on the Rally and invited them to share some of their students takeaway messages from the event.

Mrs. Katsandres and her 6th grade class:

“The Stand-Up, Speak Out rally resonated with my students. They were touched by the stories they heard, enjoyed touring the Unity exhibit, and spending time with people that encouraged them to be who they are.” -Mrs. Katsandres

“I appreciated the presenters for telling us about their troubles with bullying. It is a very brave thing to do. I hope and believe that what they do will stop bullying in all ways. Cyber-bullying, publicly bullying and all different types of bullying will stop!” -Genevieve

“I thought that it was a very fun and educational field trip. I learned that you should still be yourself even if you are bullied. From hearing stories about those who were bullied, it inspired me to stand up to bullying. Overall, this field trip was very fun and very inspiring.” -Vy

“It was a very nice experience to hear other people’s thoughts about bullying and how we can prevent it from happening. I liked having a group of people stand up against bullying. I also liked how it taught others to stand up against bullying too! Participating in the anti-bullying rally was fun and I hope others stand up against bullying too.” -Angela

“I enjoyed taking a tour of the Unity room and also enjoyed the presentations.” -Marco

“I love this event because I know that bullying affects many lives and this helps stop it. I also like how other people shared their stories of bullying. If anyone at the rally has been bullied, they would know how to get through it.” -Stuart

“The anti-bullying rally was a really good field trip! I enjoyed listening to other people’s stories of being bullied. I recommend people go to the Stand-Up, Speak Out rally field trip.” -Kyle

Ms. Callaway’s 6th grade class:

“I feel that the field trip was an amazing experience.  I felt like the speeches people gave about how bullying affected their lives were very inspirational and was able to spread positivity to the audience.” -Jesse

“I absolutely love this event.  I was so thankful to attend.  I have been bullied before and right now some of my best friends are really hurting from bullying and depression, so I was very glad to also get things for them.  Thank you again.” -Anatolia

“The rally was very interesting overall.  Everyone seemed supportive and I grew more confident to express myself.  When someone teased my friend, I was able to stand up for her and stop the bully.” -Mary

Ms. Topete and Ms. Berry’s 6th graders:

“I thought it was very good because it showed me that people stand up against bullying and help the people who are being bullied.” -Gabriel

“ What I really enjoyed about the Bullying Rally is how many things are there for you to get help from.” -Seerat

“What I liked about the event is how we got to listen to other people’s stories.” -Mikayla

“I was inspired to help stop bullying. Thanks for inspiring others in my school. I loved it.” -Bekha

Students explore the new 4,000 square foot gallery celebrating California’s diverse people, customs and cultures.

CA Museum Unity Center - EGUSD Students

The Unity Center features interactive exhibits and engaging educational programs exploring California’s rich civil rights history.

Stand Up Speak Out Youth Rally Against Bullying - CA Museum - Unity Center

Students participate in an exhibit encouraging visitors to take an active stance against hate, intolerance and bullying.

We had the pleasure of joining Marielle Tsukamoto for the event. Marielle has been a huge part of our EGUSD Time of Remembrance Project. We invite educators across the globe to share the interviews and resources posted to the Time of Remembrance website with their students. It is our hope that through the living voices of survivors and witnesses of World War II and the Vietnam War, students will gain an understanding of the common threads that connect the exclusion and forced removal of any group of people – and the importance of standing up and speaking out for the rights of all citizens.

EGUSD students attending Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying event at CA Museum - Unity Center

During Marielle’s interview, she shares her perspective on the impact of the internment years on her family and the Florin community during and following the war years – along with memories of “unsung heroes.”

“Having the Stand Up Speak Out Against Bullying Rally hosted by the CA Museum – Unity Center was especially inspiring for me,” said Marielle. “Empowering youth to speak out against the bullying of any group is truly a way to bring about positive change in any and all communities.”

We look forward to following up on the impact of this year’s Rally with the students who attended. This is our 5th year attending the Stand Up Speak Out Again Bullying Rally and every year is memorable and a call to action.

CA Museum Unity Center - Herburger Elementary School students

Digital Citizenship Week: Oct. 16-20

Digital Citizenship Week - October 16-20

All of our EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators have been busy submitting their site implementation plans for the new school year and it’s refreshing to see changes that incorporate some of the new Common Sense Media and Google Be Internet Awesome materials we blogged about last month. We are looking forward to showcasing what our schools do to celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month and Digital Citizenship Week. Below we’ve listed some resources to ignite conversations and actions. We invite you to explore something new during Digital Citizenship Week.

California Department of Education

The California Department of Education, in collaboration with Common Sense Media and the California State legislature, will celebrate Digital Citizenship Week October 16-20, 2017. This celebration will continue ongoing efforts to teach students how to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world. 

This years’ topics include:

  1. Evaluating Sources/Fake News
  2. Social media
  3. Smart Device use
  4. Positive online presence

The CDE’s weekly plan of events for Digital Citizenship Week provides links to Common Sense Media Lessons for educators and family resource/activity links in both English and Spanish. You can download the Digital Citizenship Weekly Plan from their website. 

State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Announces Educational Resources, Activities for 2017 CDE Digital Citizenship Week

“More than ever, it is crucial that our students and their families have the knowledge and tools to safely navigate the digital world we live in today,” Torlakson said. “The CDE and our partners have put together a curriculum of instruction addressing online security, privacy, cyberbullying, sourcing, verifying news sources, and other ways to make smart, safe, and ethical digital choices.”

Common Sense Media – Get Dig Cit-Ready

Common Sense Media rolled out their Get Dig Cit-Ready Campaign for Digital Citizenship Week a few days ago.

“Internet safety? Creative copyright? Fake news? With so many topics on your “to teach” list that go above and beyond the core curriculum, it’s essential to have a game plan.”

Common Sense Media Get Dig Cit-Ready Graphic

Share Your #DigCitMoment

There’s a chance for a #digcitmoment in your classroom every single day – Common Sense Media invites you to submit your story!


Educators – Are you following #DigCit on Twitter?

Following Twitter hashtags such as #DigCit will bring up collective resources and conversations. If you would like to delve into digital citizenship issues via a Professional Learning Network (PLN), Twitter is a great starting point.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)


#ISTEChat is back Oct 19th! Join Dr. Marialice BFX Curran to discuss the new #digcit with @mbfxc and @digcitkids!


Share the ISTE Infographic: Citizenship in the Digital Age on your classroom blog or website. See how the characteristics of a good citizen parallel — and differ from — those of a good digital citizen.

Download the ISTE – free digital citizenship guide
9 ways to enhance students’ safety, creativity and empathy.
Note: You will need to fill out a form to get your free guide.

CUE SF: Digital Citizenship Educator Night at Clever!

Network with other educators passionate about preparing our students with Digital Citizenship skills from around the Bay Area.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM PDT
1263 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

“Join CUE SF for their Digital Citizenship Educator Night at Clever and learn about an exciting lineup of tools and resources to prepare educators for Digital Citizenship Week!  In partnership with Clever and San Francisco Unified School District’s Department of Technology, CUE SF will be hosting resources and demos from Common Sense Education, Nearpod, iCanHelp, Everfi and even some fun videos and resources from Flocabulary!”

Register through Eventbrite

Stand Up Speak Out! Against Bullying

Interested in attending something more local to the Elk Grove/Sacramento area?

Stand Up Speak Out Event Poster

October is National Bullying Month and Cyberbullying is a key component. You are invited to join multiple districts, including EGUSD, at the 5th Annual Youth Rally. The previous year’s youth rallies took place on the steps of the California State Capitol; this year the event has moved to the California Museum – Unity Center.

Stand Up Speak Out! 5th Annual Youth Rally
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
CA Museum – Unity Center
1020 O Street, Downtown Sacramento

Download the Flyer

Know Your Apps

Video chat and anonymous apps are being used by most teens with access to a mobile device. Have you heard of Housechat, Sarahah or TBH?
Visit the EGUSD Digital Citizenship Social Media 101 page to familiarize yourself with the apps our students/children are using. Let us know if you have an app to add – because it’s difficult to keep up as new ones arrive in the app stores weekly.

EGUSD Digital Kids, Digital Classrooms Saturday Seminar

We are currently working on developing a workshop for our EGUSD Digital Kids, Digital Classrooms – Saturday Seminar on January 27, 2018, that focuses on Teaching Media Literacy – Evaluating Sources/Fake News. We look forward to this opportunity to share resources, best practices and frequently asked questions on a very current topic in digital citizenship. We agree with the stance that CA State Legislature has recently crafted regarding the importance of media literacy.

“Media literacy means the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and use media and encompasses the foundational skills that lead to digital citizenship.”

Be on the lookout for our workshop once registration opens.

We realize this is a lengthy post, but with so many great resources, we wanted to post them in one place. As always, if you have additional resources to share, please leave a comment below.

4th Annual Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally

We were proud to see students from Roy Herburger Elementary School and Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School actively participating at the October 19 Stand Up, Speak Up! Rally at the State Capitol. We also appreciate the dedication and commitment of EGUSD Board President Bobbie Singh-Allen as a key organizer for the event.

Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally

This is the fourth year local elementary and middle school students have come together to learn about the harmful effects of bullying, particularly through social media – and to be inspired to take action. The Elk Grove Unified Positive Youth Development hosted one of the booths with bullying prevention materials/giveaways.

EGUSD Positive Youth Development Team

At the Wall of Pledge booth, students were encouraged to add their own tips on bullying prevention.

Pledge Wall

An hour into the event, the students were asked to gather at the foot of the Capitol’s North Steps to listen to the speakers. Each speaker spoke passionately about the fact that bullying is preventable – but requires students to take the lead. At the close of the speeches, Bobbie Singh-Allen called on all students to Stand Up, Speak Out! against bullying by taking a pledge.

Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally

Edward Harris Middle School Principal Charles Amey summed up the event: “Bullying is a serious issue. Bringing students to the Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally confirms the importance of the topic and the need for students to take action at their own schools.”

Ed Harris Students at Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally

The October Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally is hosted by the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance and is Sacramento’s contribution to National Bullying Prevention Month.

Herburger student at Stand Up, Speak Out! Rally talking to reporter

It was inspiring to hear our students speak to reporters (such as the above student from Roy Herburger), cameramen, and community members on the need to address bullying – not only in October, but every month of the year.


Digital Citizenship Week 2016

“WHEREAS, The recognition of Digital Citizenship Week is proposed in simultaneous recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Connected Educator Month, and National Cyber Security Awareness Month; and …”

Did you hear? The California State Legislature has formally declared the week of October 16–22, 2016, as Digital Citizenship Week! Filed last month, ACR 203 integrates Digital Citizenship Week into National Bullying Prevention Month.

In Sacramento, a highlight of Digital Citizenship Week will be the 4th Annual Stand Up, Speak Out! Against Bullying rally. Hosted by the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance, the youth rally is part of their on-going commitment to promote National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Students and community members will gather Wednesday  morning  on the North Steps of the State Capitol  to speak out against all forms of bullying. The event will feature a wall of acceptance, multi-cultural displays, and a pledge wall, along with an assortment of giveaways and raffle prizes. This year Elk Grove Unified students from Roy Herburger Elementary School and Edward Harris Middle School will be heading to the State Capitol to participate in the event. Our School Board President, Bobbie Singh-Allen, will address attendees to emphasize the importance of bullying prevention.

2016 Speak Out Against Bullying youth rally

2016 Speak Out Against Bullying youth rally

It is thanks to Common Sense Media that Digital Citizenship week is now a nationally recognized component of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. As always, Common Sense Media kicks off the week by posting resources for families and schools. This year’s resources  include information and links for:

  • Taking  the Digital Citizenship for All Pledge.
  • Asking students to create their own pledges.
  • Challenging families to have a #DeviceFreeDinner
Common Sense Media - Digital Citizenship Week 2016

Common Sense Media – Digital Citizenship Week 2016

Digital Citizenship Week and events like the Stand Up, Speak Out! Against Bullying rally serve as a reminder of the importance of promoting and practicing good citizenship – both online and face-to-face. We look forward to showcasing Wednesday’s rally – and any events that help students thrive in a digital world.

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