Digital Citizenship Week

All of our EGUSD Digital Citizenship Site Coordinators have been busy submitting their site implementation plans for the 2018-19 school year. We are looking forward to showcasing what our schools do to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, part of National Bullying Prevention Month. We are also excited by a recent invitation from EdWeb, Common Sense and ISTE to participate in their national webinar highlighting digital citizenship week activities.

We invite you to explore some of the below resources, which may inspire you to try something new during Digital Citizenship Week.

California Department of Education

The California Department of Education, in collaboration with Common Sense Media and the California State legislature, will celebrate Digital Citizenship Week: October 15-19, 2018. This celebration will continue to emphasize ongoing efforts to empower students in the areas of critical thinking, online safety, and responsible use of technology at school and at home.

This year’s topics include:

  1. Online Privacy
  2. Media/Online Literacy
  3. Anti-Bullying
  4. Positive Online Communities/Digital Leadership

The CDE’s weekly plan of events for Digital Citizenship Week provides links to Common Sense Media Lessons for educators and family resource/activity links in both English and Spanish. You can download the Digital Citizenship Weekly Plan from their website.
Note: The CDE’s weekly plan links to the old Common Sense lessons for grades 3-5. The pages have warning messages letting users know that they have updated their curriculum for grades 3-5, with links to the new lessons. Be sure you use the new/updated lessons. The updated curriculum addresses these six topics: Media Balance & Well-Being; Privacy & Security; Digital Footprint & Identity; Relationships & Communication; Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech; and News & Media Literacy.

Common Sense Media – Digital Citizenship Week

What’s New?
In the eight years since Common Sense launched their K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, they’ve responded to educator needs and concerns related to the rapidly changing digital landscape. We’re pleased to announce a significant update to their curriculum built on new research with Harvard’s Project Zero to make sure educators have the best resources to prepare today’s students for success. “Whether you’re new to our curriculum or have been using it for years, we think you’ll be excited to learn more.” – Common Sense Media

The updated Common Sense K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum will be released in phases over the course of the 2018–2019 school year. Here’s when you can expect the lessons to launch.

  • August 15: Grades 3–5 lessons are available now
  • January: Grades 6–8 lessons launch.
  • Fall 2019: Grades K–2 and 9–12 lessons launch.

Learn more about the new updates to the curriculum on CSM’s website.

Digital Passport:
September 25, 2018 – The Digital Passport™ update is here! CSM’s award-winning suite of interactive games for grades 3–5 is now easier to use and even includes Mix-n-Mash, a great resource for a lesson on copyright/creative credit.

Students remix media content to create a new creative piece. Along the way, they give proper credit to the artists whose images and sound clips they use.

Students will:

  • Learn about copyright, credit, and plagiarism and apply their knowledge to their own creative work.
  • Reflect on the ethical importance of giving credit to others for their work.
  • Determine how to receive credit for their digital creations.


Educators – Are you following #DigCit on Twitter?

Following Twitter hashtags such as #DigCit will bring up collective resources and conversations. If you would like to delve into digital citizenship issues via a Professional Learning Network (PLN), Twitter is a great starting point.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

At ISTE 2018, ISTE CEO Richard Culatta challenged every educator to commit to doing one thing to push digital citizenship to the forefront for every student by sharing their commitment with #DigCitCommit. Many educators took up the challenge and shared their plans on social media. Be sure to follow the #DigCitCommit hashtag.

ISTE Article (September 28, 2018) 4 ways to fuel your #DigCitCommit – By Lauren Villaluz and Vanessa Monterosa

Stand Up Speak Out! Against Bullying

Stand Up Speak Out Poster

In 2011, OCA Sacramento and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (now Mayor Steinberg) founded the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance. The Coalition’s signature event is the Stand Up Speak Out! Annual Anti-Bullying Rally during National Bullying Prevention Month (October).  Elk Grove Unified students from Roy Herburger Elementary and Sierra Enterprise Elementary will participate in the youth rally.  This year’s event takes place at the California Museum – Unity Center.

Stand Up Speak Out! 6th Annual Youth Rally
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
CA Museum – Unity Center
1020 O Street, Downtown Sacramento

Download the Flyer

We’ve included lots of great resources for you to explore. As always, if you have additional resources to share, please leave a comment below.