Board Policy 5131.2 – Bullying

The Elk Grove Unified School District Governing Board believes that all students have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. The Board also believes that the district, its schools, and community have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance. Student safety is of the highest priority, and the Board will not tolerate behavior in the form of bullying that infringes on the safety or emotional or physical well-being of any student.


“The Board finds that bullying takes place through the internet or other forms of technology and electronic acts, i.e., cyberbullying. Cyberbullying includes the transmission of harassing communications, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, or images on the internet, social media, or other technologies using a telephone, computer, or any wireless communication device. Cyberbullying also includes breaking into another person’s electronic account and assuming that person’s identity in order to damage that person’s reputation.”

BP 5131.2 – Bullying (Students)
BP 5145.18 – Nondiscrimination/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying (Students)
BP 1312.3 – Uniform Complaint Procedures Annual Notice and Form