Every computer in the district uses an internet/web filtering system and parents must sign a form (Application for Educational Use of the Internet) to allow their children access to the internet while at school.

The Elk Grove Unified School District wants students to use the most up-to date technology and learning tools. Just as our schools are required to have a plan for student safety, it is imperative that we keep our students safe on the internet.

HR4577, also known as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), is landmark legislation that for the first time requires K-12 schools and public libraries that receive certain federal funds (such as E-Rate) to implement internet safety measures. These requirements include:

  • Implementing a technology solution that filters or blocks inappropriate/unwanted internet content;
  • Adopting an internet safety policy; and
  • Holding a public meeting as part of preparing the safety policy.

The school district has adopted Lightspeed Systems technology as our filtering solution. The purpose of this solution is to block student and staff access to world wide web network resources that have been deemed inappropriate for K-12.