Computer & Keyboarding Skills for CRES, 2017-18

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Lab Rules: Introduction Video

Navigation & Logging On

  • (menu navigation)
  • Using Symballo Tiles
  • Logging on to the Classlink Portal
    • Last four digits of Student ID + Birth Month + Birth Day: sample password: 34310713
  • Logging on to the lab computers
    • username: crstudent   password: Abc1234
    • Example


chrome icon


Chrome (our default browser; most flash-based games NOT supported)


internet explorer icon


Internet Explorer (can be used for flash-based games)


Mouse Skills

Mousercise Game

Computer Keys & Keyboarding

Number Key Pad Practice

Computer Keys

Introduction to specific keys (video shown below)


Introduction to proper finger placement and posture (video shown below)

CRES students, grades 1-6, will have access to Keyboarding Online

Publisher’s recommended goals:
6th: goal 28 WPM
5th: goal 26 WPM
4th: goal 24 WPM
3rd: goal 22 WPM
2nd: goal 20 WPM
1st: goal 18 WPM

CRES students are expected to practice frequently to attain mastery.

Keyboarding Shortcuts

Slide Show

Tabs & Windows

  • Ctrl + N (open a new window)
  • Ctrl + W (close window)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q + Q (shut down Chromebook in 3 seconds)


  • Ctrl + P (print page)
  • Ctrl + S (save current page)
  • Ctrl + R (reload current page)
  • Ctrl + + (zoom in)
  • Ctrl + – (zoom out)
  • or zoom in/out using mouse wheel while holding the Ctrl key

Browser Settings

  • Shift + Alt + S (open status area in the bottom right corner of the screen)

Text Editing

  • Ctrl + C (copy selected content to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + V (paste content to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + X (cut selected content)
  • Ctrl + Z (undo last action) or use the left pointing arrow
  • Ctrl + K (insert a hyperlink)
  • Ctrl + A (select everything on the page)

Chrome Browser

  • toolbar favorites
  • organizing favorites
  • hiding/viewing the toolbar (Ctrl + shift + B)
  • reordering tabs
  • editing titles of tabs
  • pinning tabs
  • bookmarking
  • saving favorites (not permanent on student Chromebooks)
  • locating history
  • working with 2 web pages (underneath & side by side)

Google Apps

  • Lorem Generator (quickly generates filler content)
  • Awesome Screen Shot
  • Turn InTab

Other Tools

  • Snipping Tool for screenshots



google drive icon



  • File organization
  • File naming structure
  • Coloring folders
  • Nesting folders
  • Deleting files/documents
  • Trashing the trash
  • Navigating to the Apps Store
nesting dolls picture

Beware of nesting too many files.


google docs icon



  • naming your document
  • page setup
  • selecting an appropriate font, size, color
  • using bold and italics
  • including page numbering
  • saving (automatic)
  • using the tab key for indenting
  • alignment (left, center, right)
  • viewing revision history


google drawings icon



  • naming document
  • line tool, thickness and color
  • shape tool
  • color fill
  • save as
  • select correct file extension
  • arrange forward/back
  • uploading
  • recoloring
  • Ctrl + D (duplicating)
  • resize canvas
  • drag and drop
  • google search
  • font selection, color, size
  • insert image
  • add a text box


google sheets icon





google forms icon



  • select a template from the gallery
  • titling form
  • selecting from the color palette
  • using the preview button
  • creating questions and adding options
  • adding an image
  • viewing responses
  • accepting/not accepting responses
  • general settings and settings for presentation and quizzes
  • downloading responses
  • selecting more choices:  moving to the trash, getting a prefilled link, printing, adding collaborators


google slides icon






powerpoint icon



  • TBA


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