If you’re interested in designing and marketing your 3D designs, here are some things to consider. Topics have been sorted and organized into the Popplet shown below.


If you’re a good designer and have created a number of projects, you might consider developing a business of your own. Here are some things to consider:

  • Your business’s name
  • Business logo for easy recognition (banner snack will allow you to make 10 free projects and has nice templates for creating a variety of logos)
  • Marketing sites for recognition and sales
    • YouTube account
    • Etsy virtual store
    • Ebay virtual store
    • Website/Blog/Facebook business page

I’ve included the links below to sites I’ve set up for marketing my designs. My business name is She Tinkers In 3D. This is currently a work in progress, which I am building this summer.

My Shapeways virtual store

My YouTube Channel

My Business Facebook Page

My Etsy Page

Below is a screenshot of a virtual store from Thingiverse.

images of my 3D printing projects

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