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The technology graduation requirement for high school set forth by the EGUSD Board of Education requires the student to demonstrate a basic keyboarding proficiency of 25 WPM, using the home row. This proficiency is assessed with a 3-minute timed test with no more than 3 errors.  Basically, an EGUSD student who can type 22 WPM is meeting the graduation requirement. Note: It’s common for a CRES 2nd grader, enrolled in a typing program, to meet this standard. This video introduces proper finger placement and posture:

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KeyboardingOnline recommends the following goals for their keyboarding program:

grade 1, 18 wpm
grade 2, 20 wpm
grade 3, 22 wpm
grade 4, 24 wpm
grade 5, 26 wpm
grade 6, 28 wpm


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Features of KeyboardingOnline.

For those using Keyboarding Online,  you can click here to read how this site breaks hunting and pecking.

Proper finger placement

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