Here’s a shout out to all the EGUSD students who have participated so far in the #UnfollowBullying campaign. It’s exciting to see students in other districts joining in your efforts to eliminate all forms of bullying and recognizing your efforts to bring about positive changes at your school sites! Students at La Paz Middle School in Salinas, California, attribute their anti-cyberbullying campaign to you:

By taking action, EGUSD students have inspired us to speak out, too. We especially love their excellent tweet advice (e.g. “Be sweet with your Tweets!”  ”Don’t be bitter on Twitter”) included in their online student toolkit at #UnfollowBullying which helps  students everywhere “stand up, speak out and be the change.”

Yesterday’s post to La Paz Middle School’s AVID Netbook Academy Web Portal even includes a nomination of  #UnfollowBullying  for the 2012 Edublogs Awards, as a candidate for the Best Twitter Hashtag category – along with a sampling of their #UnfollowBullying Tweets.

#UnfollowBullying Tweets from La Paz Middle School

Congratulations, EGUSD students, on the positive impact your campaign is having within – and beyond – the district!