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Student-Led Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

Elk Grove Unified School District
  • EGUSD Student-led Call to Action

    • It all started in November 2012 and Elk Grove Unified School District students are still taking a stand. High school and middle school students throughout the district are stepping up as a school community to inspire others to challenge and delete cyberbullying.

      Today's students live in a digital world. #UnfolllowBullying is in recognition that students are the ones who will lead the charge in their online communities to ensure that all students are treated with respect and kindness.

      What's not cool?

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      Spreading negative or embarrassing dirt (true, untrue, or unknown, via text, pic or video) about someone behind their back or to their face.

      Digital drama is not cool! - No matter how large or small, every action you take to increase awareness of this issue is an important step.

      Cyberbullying is not cool! - Educate yourself, inspire others to make a difference and be a part of the solution.

      Ways you can #UnfollowBullying @ElkGroveUnified
      • Draw a Line - Delete negative or hateful comments rather than giving the bully an audience.
      • Speak Up - If you know the person doing the cyberbullying, and feel comfortable, talk to him/her. Help them to understand the harm they are doing. Or if you are being cyberbullied, find someone you trust to confide in. Speak up for yourself and for others; don't let fear silence you.
      • Consider Others - When online, ask yourself are you sending something you would say face-to-face? If not, don't send it.
      • Take the Student Pledge - Help transform the #UnfollowBullying campaign at your site from a vision to a reality by taking the pledge.

      Join the EGUSD #UnfollowBullying campaign now!

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