Bus Pass Information

While school districts are not required to provide regular transportation service, the Elk Grove Unified School District has elected to provide limited service to students in eligible service areas for a fee. All students must register to ride before boarding the bus. Please do not attempt to have your student board a bus without a bus pass. Passes identify your student, the school they attend, and their appropriate bus stop. To help the district plan in advance for the appropriate number of buses and needed bus stop locations, an early bird discount is available if you register your student to ride in advance. Check our web site for details!

No fees will be charged to qualifying students due to low income or foster status, special education students whose individualized education program provides for transportation services, or students offloaded at district direction between school sites in eligible areas. However, students must still register to ride and obtain a bus pass before boarding.

To qualify for busing, a student must live within the eligible service area for their school of attendance. Inter-district/intra-district transfer students and grandparented students are not eligible for transportation. Fees and service areas are reviewed annually. Information on the fee structure, along with the application, is provided at the bottom of the page.

Falsification of information is cause for revocation of bus pass and bus riding privileges. Passes will be mailed to the student’s home address, or can be picked up at the Transportation Department prior to the start of the new school year.

Students are required to show their transportation pass each time they board the bus. Passes are issued on a round-trip or one-way basis. Single ride ticket booklets are available for those students who need to ride the bus occasionally on a space available basis.

Bus Stops

Students may request a separate morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off location if it is serviced by the same bus and is consistent each day. For the safety of the students and consistency of routes, multiple pick-up or drop-off locations are not accepted.

Lost/Damaged Passes

Should a pass be lost, stolen or damaged, please contact Transportation immediately to secure a replacement so that your student may continue to ride. A $15 service charge is required for a replacement pass.


Bus Rules and Regulations

Parents/guardians and students should be familiar with the Bus Rules and Regulations. Violation of any of the rules and regulations may result in the suspension or revocation of the student’s ability to ride the bus. Many of our buses are equipped with video and audio recording systems. Boarding the bus is consent to audio and video recording and may be used in disciplinary proceedings.