Technology is more than Facebook!

Hi There, It’s Mr. Tabbah and today I am sharing the following mini report on the Vietnam War Memorial, which is located in Washington, D.C. from one of my fabulous students. Its main purpose is to inform, while creating a learning bridge between the classroom and the use of technology. Children and students all around the world are using technology in many different ways other than just for Facebook, video games, texting, or email in today‚Äôs global community. What other ways can you think of where technology has helped you learn something new? What was it that you learned? What positive or negative impact did the technology have on your learning experience?

8 thoughts on “Technology is more than Facebook!

  1. “First In Math” teaches a lot of skills showing how to multiply, divide, add, subtract, and much more! “First In Math” is the right thing for kids who don’t know how to multiply, divide, etc. Kids have fun experiences doing “First In Math,” because it shows new ways to do math. You can also earn stickers when you do games. “First In Math” is a fun way to learn math.

  2. I have learned most of my math by playing “Arcademic Skill Builders” for three years. I can practice addition,subtraction, multiplication, and division and have a lot of fun too. I also have to beat the clock when I do races, tug a war, and other games. I can also see the top scores from other kids. Playing these games has been alot of fun and my mom likes it too. I love playing the games and it makes me better at math!!!

  3. Madison, I agree with you about the the “First in Math” site. It “creates the learning bridge between the classroom and the use of technology” as described above by Mr. Tabbah. I hope that we will still have this available to JE next year as well.

  4. To practice my spelling I play “spelling city.” Most of the times I go on I play “hang mouse.” It’s a good game because it makes the kids think about the spelling words and how to spell it. If you loose, the cat catches the mouse.

  5. is a way that technology helps me because it can help you learn new words. For example, when I was studying for the spelling bee I went to to see how words are pronounced and their origin. helps increase a person’s vocabulary.

  6. Sup Jared. Great job on your report. It was very inspiring! Technology has had a very important roll in my life because, just think, where would we be with out it? If we didn’t have technology we would have to write everything by hand and that’s just plain exhausting! We would also have to draw everything by hand because we don’t have any cameras. Just close your eyes and think about a world with no planes, trains, cars, air conditioning, news, or any other things that this world would be lost without. Technology is so much more than facebook, video games, texting, or e-mailing. You wouldn’t even be able to talk to relatives in far away places over the phone!

  7. There are many different online Sites / Activities that kids can be allowed to access that builds up their knowledge… Here are a few: First in Math ~ an online math program that gets you ready for quizzes to test. Academic Skill Builder ~ an online gaming site that increases kids knowledge from Spelling to Reading to Writing and even Math! There are many more other sites on the web that you can allow your kids to go onto and have fun and learn at the same time! These sites encourage kids to learn more but in a fun and entertaining way! Also, kids with Tablets, Smartphones, iPhones, laptops, etc can Google search or download apps that can help them in their education path! One such site is, which you can find in your local App Store. It is a dictionary program that has many words with definitions that are helpful for kids to look up when needed

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