My students have recently finished “Journey to Topaz,” and have realized that our current books need replacement. They have each been instrumental in spreading the word of our need, and have received help from family, and friends. I now am asking for your help to spread the word also! Simply share this page or the link and let’s see if we can achieve the final goal of complete funding by Friday, March 11th. So what do my students’ need?

My students need 30 copies of Journey to Topaz by Yoshiko Uchida.


Ok folks, I have taken a leap of faith by stepping out of my comfort zone to ask for monetary help from the public. Yes, I am asking for money to help fund a new class project called, “iPads for Learning.” The project has several goals that I hope we as a class can accomplish by the end of the school year. One such goal is to increase time on task for each student by giving them a new tool, the iPad to encourage creativity, teamwork, and  competition among their peers while completing self assigned research projects. To find out more about my ” iPads for Learning” project visit my homepage.

Tour the States

This year in Fifth Grade students are required to learn about early United States history and each of the fifty states. So, I found this cool, catchy, and artistic video to help us do just that. My students have already learned the song and are excited that they will sing and perform a routine later in the school year. After watching the video, which state or part of the video was your favorite and why?


Published on Jun 29, 2012

Full album & lyrics:…
Music by Renald Francoeur
Drawing by Craighton Berman

Idioms: What are they and can you think of any?

IDIOMS can be the most confusing part of any language. Idioms are sayings that have hidden meanings. The expressions don’t mean exactly what the words say. Here are two examples:

(1) I worked really hard to get an “A” on my math test, but I only recieved a “B.” Oh well, I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. So, in this sentence it simply means that you can’t always control everything that happens.

(2) John, isn’t this the fifth time you have been late to work this week? You’re walking on thin ice mister! So, in this sentence it means that John is in danger of being fired.

What idioms can you think of and does your primary language or culture have any that are unique to where you live?

Technology is more than Facebook!

Hi There, It’s Mr. Tabbah and today I am sharing the following mini report on the Vietnam War Memorial, which is located in Washington, D.C. from one of my fabulous students. Its main purpose is to inform, while creating a learning bridge between the classroom and the use of technology. Children and students all around the world are using technology in many different ways other than just for Facebook, video games, texting, or email in today’s global community. What other ways can you think of where technology has helped you learn something new? What was it that you learned? What positive or negative impact did the technology have on your learning experience?

My Trip to San Diego

midwayToday’s guest blogger, Jonah, recently took a family trip. Read to find out where and leave a comment.

Hi, my name is Jonah, and last weekend I went to San Diego. It was very exciting and we saw many tremendous sights, such as the Embarcadero, a harbor in San Diego. My dad got to play baseball on the field next to it. It was so fun. We got to see this air show honoring the        U. S. Navy. At the air show we got to see the flyover of the amazing Blue Angels! I thought it was pretty awesome. Plus, we got to see this antique fighter jets used in World War II. There were dozens of them flying all over the place!

One of my most favorite places in San Diego was the Midway, an aircraft carrier used in World War II, just like those jets. It was used so planes could launch into war and land to get more fuel. I was amazed how the planes could land and launches off such a small platform. One of my favorite parts was when we got to see this fighter jet used in the movie “Top Gun.” What’s your favorite vacation place to go to?