Blog Rules

I hope to see comments from parents AND students on our classroom blog! We welcome comments from all schools (especially from my old students and families!!!) All comments are moderated by me, so comments using inappropriate language or that are off topic will not be approved.

Please remember the rules of Internet safety.

  • Never, EVER, give out personal information online! Your last name, your phone number, and your address are all examples of personal, private information.
  • When posting comments to our blog, use only your first name and last initial. Follow our classroom example for email addresses. If you’re not sure how to write the fake email address, ask me!!
  • Do not give out passwords to anyone. Keep them secret.
  • Use appropriate language in your comments. Be respectful! Don’t say anything in your comments that you wouldn’t say to someone in person.
  • No personal (individual) photos! Remember that once you post something online, it is there forever, even if you *think* you’ve deleted it.

For more information about Internet safety, please check Social networking and even gaming sites can be dangerous places for cyber-bullying, and I highly recommend parents and students learn more about the potential hazards of the Internet.