200 Yards Away!

untitledToday’s guest blogger, Evan, loves to play golf. Read to find out more and leave a comment.

I love golf! I have been golfing for about one year now and I am able to hit up to 200 yards. Wow! I am in “First Tee” which is a Junior Golf Program. My favorite clubs are my woods and angle wedge. My favorite course is Bing Maloney.┬áIt has a driving range and two courses. Have you ever played GOLF?

3 thoughts on “200 Yards Away!

  1. I do play golf and have played since an early age. It’s great that you are part of the “First Tee” I heard good things about the program and wish we had it here in Canada.

    Do you get to play golf at school? In June I teach a unit on golf to my class. Many of them are just starting out, and I’m not sure they could hit it 200 yards.

    My favourite club is the driver as well. Keep griping it and riping it!

  2. Evan, I agree with you. I love to play golf as well. It is especially fun when I get to golf with my son. BTW, I believe that you hit it over 200 yards!

    I used to golf a while before and was blessed to enjoy some famous golf courses in the Palm Springs area including PGA West! That was fun! Work got in way, but I am so happy to be out there again.

    One of my new favorite clubs is the “gap wedge”. Got one with my new set and it got me out of some very challenging situations. Well, it is getting warmer, does anyone else play golf?

  3. I knew you played golf, but I didn’t know you were that good Evan! I probably couldn’t hit HALF the distance of what you can.

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