Weekly Update and HW 9-1

The class meeting was a great success today. The students helped develop a consequence for turning around and distracting others from working. At the end of the meeting, the students did another fabulous round of compliments and “thank you’s” to each other for a job well done in various ways. Several students were recognized for their helpfulness, and fairness with others. It was so nice to hear such kind words. I know it always makes us feel good to receive a compliment and encourages us to continue making good choices in the future.

Don’t forget, Fitness Friday is coming up! We will run the mile again and try to beat our time from last week. Everyone did an outstanding job on the first mile run of the year last week! Such great athletes we have! I can tell everyone wants to live a long, healthy life.

Reminders: Holiday (Labor Day) on Monday, September 6th. School  will be closed.  Also, Friday, September 10 is a minimum day. We are out at 12:20 pm.

Homework 9-1: Reading- RRL, Math- Practice 2-4, Spelling- Sentences with words (all 20), Social Studies- USA packet 1-2 pages of your choice (DUE SEPTEMBER 9TH!). If you are behind on Social Studies, pick up the pace! You may need to work over the weekend as well.