HWAS Wed. 06/01/11

Spelling – #11-20 Meaningful Sentences
Reading/Social Studies – TBH Finish Graphic Organizer
Math – 10-11 HWPB
Writing – Writer’s Notebooks – Finish “The Night the Revolution Began” Blog

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  1. Spelling
    11: If you are a director you sit in the director’s chair.
    12: The officer’s questions were very hard to answers.
    13: The customer’s wish is the staffs command.
    14: Only the teachers can go into the teachers’ lounge.
    15: We are going to look for the owner’s of the baby bitbull.
    16: Tito borrowed his friend’s bicycle to ride.
    17: The ships’ had a lot of tea on them.
    18: Loyalist are like the king’s friends.
    19: The company’s money level gained up this year.
    20: The shoe maker’s friend is a butcher.

  2. Spelling 11-20
    11. Director’s- The director’s camera had a butterfly sticker on the outside.
    12. Officer’s- The officer’s car had the lights on which meant that he was warning someone.
    13. Customer’s- The customer’s kid was crying over a toy he didn’t get.
    14. Teachers’- The teachers’ at my school are cool and fun!
    15. Owner’s- The owner’s of the horse let it out to the track.
    16. Friend’s- This is my friend’s book that I’m holding while she’s tying her shoe.
    17. Ships’- The ships’ set sail to go to battle.
    18. King’s- The king’s crown was as shiny as a crystal rock.
    19. Company’s- The company’s workers’ worked hard to build a house.
    20. Maker’s- The maker’s tools’ were still at my house after building it.

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