HWAS Tues. 05/31/11

Spelling – #1-10 Meaningful Sentences
Reading – TBH Vocab. Sentences – (fife, lieutenant, apprentice, etc).
Math – 10-9 HWPB
Social Studies – From Open Court – Study pages pgs. 301-304 QUIZ TOMORROW.

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  1. Spelling
    1: The boys’ coach taught them basketball instead of foot ball.
    2: The actor’s only part is to sleep.
    3: Do not sit on the boss’s seat on your first day or you will get fired before your first paycheck.
    4: Boys make sure not to go into the ladies’ restroom or you will hear girls screram.
    5: I don’t even know all parents’ relatives at all.
    6: Oh No! The pilot’s coffee is stolen.
    7: Girls’ are supposed to go to the girls’ bathroom.
    8: The waiter’s tip were not enough for his family.
    9: The waitress’s cash lasted her for only four days.
    10: Sometimes my brothers act like babies.
    1: My brother’s dream is to become a lieutenant.
    2: If you show difiance to your parents you will get grounded.
    3: I would like to play the fife.
    4: My dad has always apprentice me in math.
    5: When we have a family meeting I will boycott my family.

  2. Spelling sent 1-10
    1-The boys’ name for the basketball team was the Bull Dogs.
    2- If you are directing a movie you have to make sure to write down the actor’s cloths.
    3-The battles are fun and challenging and you will find that you have to use a certain way in which to defeat the boss’s
    4- All the ladies’ were wearing the same skirt and top.
    5-Parents’ of independent school pupils spend serious money on it.
    6-For our bucket list (things you have to do before you die) we have learn how to be a airplane pilot’s.
    7-There was two little girls’ sitting in the middle of the road.
    8-She seated herself at a small table alone, and an attentive waiter’s at once approached to take her order.
    9-An overall guy, his luck suddenly starts to turn when he falls in love with cocktail waitress’s natalie
    10-. The babies’ milk was warm so that they can go to sleep.

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