HWAS Tues. 05/03/11

Spelling – #11-20 Meaningful Sentences
Reading – Finish writing Summary for “When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw.”
Other – SEVA – Ask parents if you can go. Find out how many family members going.

2 thoughts on “HWAS Tues. 05/03/11

  1. Spelling 11-20
    11-I use to have a pink strip poncho a couple years ago.
    12-We strongly advise,however,do not buy llamas under this age.
    13-I have an original Cholo adventure (show) t-shirt that says “We Get Down Crazy”.
    14-People say that casseroles are good but I haven’t tasted them.
    15-You can prefer spaghetti or linguini to eat.
    16-My sister looked beautiful when she had senior prom.
    17-The results we review give optimism to the world
    18- I like to be solitary when im depressed.
    19- I gave instructions to my little brother in multiplications
    20- I still remember the the first day i learned how to swim

  2. 1.The police needed to prove someone guilty
    2. My future career is to be a veterinarian
    3. My brother bought a suit at Kohls.
    4. I live in the Sacramento area, by Elk Grove.
    5. My mom planted and Iris flower/
    6. I ate cereal and soup out of the same bowl.
    7. You listen to soothing music when you are frustrated.
    8. When Mr. Alfonso starts to talk, i start to daydream.
    9. I want to continue to get good grades in school.
    10. Cathy knows how to type very fast.

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