One thought on “HWAS Mon. 05/02/11

  1. Spelling 1-10
    1-I wonder if I will ever go to a fancy restaurant.
    2-Girls wear a barrette to cover their non brushed hair.
    3-The royalty wedding was beautiful and I was there to see.
    4-I hear the ambulance every night because they live behind my house but its sad because that means someone is hurt.
    5-Users can download music conveniently using an online music store from their personal computer or directly via air.
    6-Can a thermos be to keep something cold?
    7-If you park in front of a fire hydrant you get a ticket.
    8-When i hear a police and its close I get scared.
    9-This was Justin’s second consecutive podium after his dominant win in 2005’s season finale in Mexico city.
    10-When I was in Mexico we saw and heared a coyotye.

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