Dragon War

This is where I will be posting my Dragon War parts with the oldest one on the top and the newest one on the bottom. Don’t worry about getting mixed up with different parts, I will label which part it is. Hope you guys enjoy this collection of Dragon War. Sorry about the inconvenience about scrolling all the way down.

Dragon War ( Part 1)

It was a horrible time for eggs to hatch. A war had begun just five years ago. The cause of all of it was that the queen of all dragons had died. So now her four daughters allied themselves with different dragons who wanted one of the queen’s heirs to be the next queen. Only a group of young, fearless dragons were able to stop the war. One of them was named Midnight for her pitch black scales. Another was named Wave for his dark blue color. Sandstorm was commonly known for her bright golden body. Thorn was known by her fierce attitude. Last but not least is Incinerator who was able to scorch the ground with one graceful blow.

“ Grrrr. Hurry up with that hunting and kill that pig!” yelled Thorn. “I’m about ready to slam you into a rock!”

“I’m waiting for the perfect moment to strike, ok?” said Incinerator.

“Thorn, have you ever thought that if you asked nicely then maybe Incinerator would go a little faster?” asked Sandstorm.

“How about you ask my fist that, pipsqueak,” Thorn snapped back.

 “Guys stop fighting or else we’ll be as bad a the dragons in the war, ok?” said Wave reasonably.

“I agree with Wave,” said Midnight.

“And we all should,” continued Wave. “If we don’t then we’ll be as the dragons out there in the war,”

“I want to go back home,” said Sandstorm.

Just then a figure had just rolled the boulder of their cave out of the way. There was a dragon in the doorway but the sunlight had blinded the young dragons.

“I have come for Incinerator.” said the dark figure.

“You’re not going to get our friend,” said Sandstorm.

“Actually you can have her. Oh, yeah she hunts really slow,” said Thorn.

Midnight stomped on her foot.

“OW what was the for?” asked Thorn in pain

“WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY DAUGHTER?” bellowed the figure.

“Dad, you’re finally here!”  exclaimed Incinerator.

“Wait that’s your dad? I’m so sorry that I said that about Incinerator. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME!” pleaded Thorn.

“Oh please, I seen better then just moping about saying something bad about my daughter,” said

Her father.

“So what is your name anyway?” asked Midnight.

“I am Inferno, husband of Ash,” said Inferno.

“And that’s how I got my amazing name,” Incinerator bragged.

After they all went out of the cave they went separate ways. Inferno went back to Ash, while the young little dragons got on their way to end the war……

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 2)

The young dragons were starving from leaving their cave without eating anything before they left. They knew that it would be a long treacherous journey to stop the bloodshed.

“I want to eat please,” said Sandstorm.

“Ok, I’ll go hunt. What do you want guys?” asked Incinerator.

“COWS!!!!!” yelled all of them at once.

“Ok. Good thing that there is a herd over there in the field,”said Wave.

So then Incinerator lifted off into the sky out of eyesight. In a heartbeat Incinerator dove down into a formation like a meteor was about to crash into the Earth. Then Incinerator came back with ten cows in her talons.

“Ok, dig in guys,” said Incinerator pleased.

“Hmmmm so good,” said Midnight with a mouthful of cows.

“For once you actually did something quick for once,” said Thorn.

Just then they were attacked by a cloud of dragons. There was at least ten dragons with scars on them. The other five were as if they just joined the group.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” screamed Sandstorm.

Incinerator had just jumped into battle. Wave clawed the once attacking him. Thorn whipped her tail so the at least three dragons were smacked against the mountain wall. Midnight had burned some dragon’s wing.Sandstorm had clawed a dragon’s wing so he could not fly anymore. Once the attackers had fled they flew into a cave.

“That was scary,” said Sandstorm.

“I can’t believe that the attacked us,” snapped Thorn.

“Guys let’s rest here for the night ok?” asked Wave.

“Sure,” they all agreed.

So then they all rested for the night.


(To be continued)…..

Dragon War (Part 3)

After the young dragons had awoken it was a bright and sunny day. The dragons had blood over some of their scales from the fight they had yesterday.

“I think we should find a lake and wash off all of this blood,” said Midnight.

“Finally we’re going to a body of water. Maybe I might find my parents there,” said Wave.

“Oh please,  if I were your parents I would go to the ocean,” said Thorn.

“So can we go to a ocean and search for my parents their?” asked Wave. He gleamed with hope as if wishing that Thorn would say yes.

“Ok fine,” said Thorn.

“YAY!!!!!” said Wave.

So it was set. The dragons were going to the ocean in search of Wave’s parents. Wave had this feeling that they would be there. Only Incinerator was able to see her parents because they grew up in their town and lived in their old cave. The others were stolen from their town and their eggs were brought there. Wave and the other besides Incinerator had never seen their parents.

“Ok we’re at the ocean. Everyone dive in. And Wave go swim underwater and find your parents.” said Midnight.

“Oooooo an octopus. I’ma catch it,” said Sandstorm.

A few minutes later Wave bursted out with two dragons taller but looked very similar to him.

“Guys I had a chat with these dragons and they say that their egg was stolen. So they’re my parents,” said Wave “Everyone this is Tidepool ,my dad and Tsunami my mother.”

“So you’re Wave friends and supposedly end the war? Oh, my little war ender Wave,” Tsunami said trying to be serious.

“You look so cool Tidepool,” said Sandstorm.

“You guys must be tired. Sleep with us tonight,” said Tidepool.

“Ok,” they said.

“But wait, we can’t breath underwater,” said Sandstorm.

“We have a domed shaped city for visitors at are town filled with air,” said Tsunami.

As they went underwater they had to go through a dark and mysterious tunnel. When they arrived at the end of the tunnel they reached the city. They walked to Wave’s parent’s house to find that everything was dyed blue like the ocean.

“Oooo I love your house,” said Midnight.

“Ok, everyone time for bed. You can explore tomorrow,” said Tidepool.

“Ok,” they all said.

As the young dragons got into bed the moonlight hit the underwater city.

(To be continued)

Dragon War ( Part 4 )

As the young dragons had awoken, the underwater city shined beautifully as the sunlight hit the city. Wave was swimming around his parents’ house. As for Incinerator, she was just getting used to not being able to breathe fire underwater.

“ I don’t get why we have to stay here. We have a war to stop,” said Midnight.

“Yeah Wave we have a war to stop. WAVE WE HAVE A MISSION TO STOP THE WAR! WE’RE NOT HERE TO FIND OUR PARENTS!” yelled Thorn

“ Bu- bu- but” sputtered Wave.

“ Bu- bu-but what?” Mocked Thorn.

“ But they’re my parents,” said Wave.

“ Wave have you ever wondered how I get through my life without being sad I don’t see my parents?” asked Sandstorm.

“ No, how?” replied Wave.

“ I think that my parents will travel with me no matter where I go in my heart,” said Sandstorm.

“ Blah blah blah,” said Thorn.

“ Hey come on be nice to my little boy now. He’s never seen us before,” said Tidepool.

“ Fine,” said Thorn.


“Oh it’s seems it’s my boy’s lucky day. You get to see the races,” said

“What are the races about?” asked Midnight making everyone jump.

“ Well the races are about to find out how to who is the fastest in the whole village,” explained Tsunami.

“The whole village?!?!” asked Wave.

“It’s preparation for war with the other dragons,” said Tidepool.

The young dragons winced at the word war.

“Look I know that you are supposed to stop the war and everything but that’s just life is. When the ruler of the dragons die without fighting their children for the throne war is out for the next ruler,” explained Tsunami.

“You know what? You don’t have to go today. There’s another on tomorrow,” said Tidepool.

“Sure ok,” said Wave.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 5)

Wave and the others agreed that tomorrow they would go to the races. Something was on Midnight’s mind.

“Why would they talk about going into war when their so called child is here to stop it,”thought Midnight.

She had a suspicion that Wave’s so called parents were fake. Midnight was almost positive that they were lying to Wave they were his parents.

“Hey Wave I have to ask you something,” she said as he came in.

“Yeah, what is it?” He asked

“Have you noticed that your parents are talking about going into war when they know we’re supposed to stop it?” asked Midnight.

“Well sort of. But I think they have a perfectly good reason to talk about it,” replied Wave.

“Ok then,” said Midnight. She thought that she saw Wave look a little nervous when he said the words Perfectly good reason.

She walked out of the room and bumped into Incinerator on accident.

“Oh so sorry Incinerator. I didn’t see you there,” said Midnight.

“It’s fine. No one does anymore anyway,” said Incinerator.

“Why would you say that?” asked Midnight.

“Because I leave scorch marks every five minutes on the ground. If no one sees that I leave scorch marks down they think I’m not here,” said Incinerator.

“Oh would you look at that the sun has set,” said Sandstorm.

“I bet you someone will sleep on me tonight…..again,” said Incinerator.

“Well goodnight then,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)

 Dragon War (Part 6)

The next day Wave was too depressed to stay in the underwater city. So then the young dragons traveled to meet the first heir to the throne.

As they approached the small palace one of the heirs had made with her allies. It was heavily guarded by many dragons of all sizes.

“Um…….Midnight you talk to them,” said Sandstorm.

“No. Thorn you do it,” commanded Midnight.

“Fine. You all are chickens. At least we have one brave one in this group,” said Thorn.

As she walked up to the guards they aimed their spears at her. The guards narrowed their eyes t her.

“Um rude. Don’t you know who we are? We are the young, brave dragons to stop the war,” said Thorn.

“Oh really? Then why are you here?” asked  one of the guards lower their spear.

“We are here so we can choose the next queen,” said Thorn.

“Ha what can you do? Go around the world yelling one of the heirs name and saying she’ll be the next queen? I doubt it,” snorted another guard.

Thorn growled then lashed out her tail. At the same time all the guards attacked Thorn and the others. It was a very horrible fight. Sandstorm had gone into hiding when they attacked. Wave was fighting alongside with Incinerator. Thorn started taking guards spears and fighting with it. Midnight went with Sandstorm t make sure she was ok.

The fight had taken the whole day to finish but the young dragons had slipped out and found a cave to sleep in for the night.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 7)

The next day, early in the morning they slipped into the small palace. All the guards were still awake but they were able to sneak in with the cover of darkness.

“I don’t think we should be doing this,”whispered Sandstorm.

“Well we have to meet all the heirs to the throne remember?” Midnight whispered.

“Oh right. But can we not sneak in next time?” asked Sandstorm.

“Well that up to the heir if she wants guards to defend her castle,” said Thorn. She was trying to have a low voice but from time to time she would get a little bit louder.

The dragons had sneaked into what looked like a meeting room. They felt a long, round table in the middle.

“It seems odd that a queen or heir has a meeting room. Can’t they just meet in the throne room?” thought Midnight.

As the sun rose they had found their way from the meeting room to the throne room. They waited in the throne room for the heir to arrive.

As she came in she was wearing a necklace that had a diamond in the middle.

“Her mother might have given her that,” thought Midnight.

“INTRUDERS!” yelled the heir.

“Oh no,” said Incinerator.

All the guards had fallen back because of the fight yesterday. They all lowered their spears and wen int a different room.

The heir glared at them and growled.

(To be continued)   

Dragon War (Part 8)

“Who are you?” asked the heir.

“More like who are you?” snapped Thorn.

“I am the most regal, the most beautiful, the most amazing dragon in the whole world, I am Princess Magnificent,” said Magnificent.

“Wow she must love herself so much,” giggled Sandstorm.

Magnificent glared at the dragons and then her guards.

“Now that I told you, who are you?” asked Magnificent.

“We are the brave, young, fearless dragons that are going to end the war and choose the next queen,” said Incinerator.

“As if I am going to listen to some little dragons,” snorted Magnificent.

“Well being mean to us lowers your chance of being queen,” said Thorn.

“You better pick me or I will kill one of my sisters and become the queen,” said Magnificent.

“She really wants to be queen and she’ll do anything to be it,”  thought Midnight.

“Ok then show us your good side and let us sleep here for I don’t know three nights?” asked Wave.

“Ok anything to become queen,”said Magnificent.

“And can we have butlers?” asked Sandstorm.

“No,” said Magnificent.

“But it ups you chance to be queen,” said Sandstorm.

“Ok fine,” said Magnificent.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 9)

“Now we’re being treated like the special dragons that will stop war,” said Thorn.

“Well I don’t like it,” said Midnight.

“Why not?” asked Sandstorm.

“It’s just weird to have dragons cater to you for no price,” said Midnight.

“Isn’t that what parents do?” asked Wave.

“Why are you asking that? We found your parents right?” pointed out Sandstorm.

“Well after what Midnight asked me about how strange they were acting, I heard them say ‘I bet he doesn’t even know we tricked him into believing we were his parents. If we raised a child they wouldn’t be such a fool. The leader will be pleased.’ And that’s what they said,” said Wave gloomly.

“Oh I’m sorry I asked,” said Sandstorm.

Just as Sandstorm spoke a butler came in. He was carrying a silver plate with a roasted turkey.

“I have made you your roasted turkey Miss Thorn,” said the Butler.

“Thank you Butler,” said Thorn.

As another butler walked in she gasped at the sight of Midnight.

She dropped her plate and ran to her.

“My goodness you are so big. The last time I saw you was when you were still in your egg. Your father and I have missed so much.” said the butler.

“Umm who are you?” asked Midnight.

“I’m your mother,” she said smiling.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 10)

There was a long pause after what the butler had said. With wide eyes Midnight scanned the dragon carefully and looked at all the similarities.

“But you look nothing like me,” said Midnight.

“I might not look like you but you look just like your father,” said the butler.

“What is your name?” asked Sandstorm.

“I am Silhouette and My husband is Meteor,” said Silhouette.

“Ok the names are similar I’ll give you that. But take me to my so called father and then I’ll see,” said Midnight.

“Ok I’ll bring him here,” said Silhouette.

As Silhouette walked out the other butler looked at Midnight. He scanned her very fast.

“Psst Midnight do you really think that she is your mom?” asked Wave.

“Well I we’ll see,” said Midnight as Silhouette and another dragon came in.

“This is your father,” said Silhouette.

The others looked at the dragon who came in with Silhouette. They looked at him then at Midnight a few times. The two of them looked at each.

“My my, you are very tall. Tell me what is your name?” asked the new dragon.

“I’m Midnight,” said Midnight.

“Well hi Midnight. I’m Meteor, the princess’s personal cook,” said Meteor.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 11)

“So do you have to make every meal for the princess?” asked Wave.

“Well not always. Sometimes when guests are here she uses the others because she think that they’ll judge her by having one cook have such a high honor,” said Meteor.

“May I help you with anything Mr. Wave?” asked another butler.

“Oh no I’m fine. And you can just call me Wave.” he said.

“Yes Mr. err… Wave. Yes Wave,” said the butler.

As the butler walked out he stopped at the doorway and bowed. All five of of them tilted their heads at the dragon.

“WHERE IS MY PERSONAL COOK?” bellowed the princess.

Meteor quickly ran to the princess. She glared down her snout at him.

“Why are you late?” she said.

“I am so sorry your majesty. I was getting to know my long lost daughter,” said Meteor.

“I thought you already had one,” said Magnificent.

“Yes yes I do. But we had two eggs. One was stolen and we were left with one,” said Meteor.

“But she is your daughter correct?” asked Magnificent.

“Yes she is,” said Meteor.

“Well she better choose me as the new queen or I will have you executed,” snarled Magnificent.

“Yes yes she will,” said Meteor shaking.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 12)

Meteor looked at Midnight with a worried expression. Not only will he lose his new daughter but he will lose everything he has…..

“Midnight, darling your father and I love you so much. And we hope you make the right choice,” said Silhouette.

“I know. I heard what Magnificent said,” said Midnight.

“Please Midnight I beg you, choose Magnificent,” said Meteor.

Midnight took a stroll around the royal garden. She stopped in front of a massive pond full of koi fish. She looked at her reflection.

“Well how am I supposed to choose when I don’t even know the other heirs?” thought Midnight.

“Midnight the princess wants to see you!” yelled Silhouette.

“Umm….. you wanted to see me?” said Midnight.

“Well I heard that you are the daughter of my head cook. You have a sister as well.But she is more useful than you….well at least until are doing something for me,” said Magnificent paying more attention to her talons than Midnight. “So now I want you to work for me. No matter what my sisters say, no matter how nice they are to you, you will stay on my side or else you won’t see your father ever again,”

“Ok your majesty,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 13)

As the young dragons slept Magnificent and Meteor were whispering in the throne room. They went behind a secret room behind the throne.

“So what do you have any news?” asked Magnificent.

“Yes. I’ve heard that your sisters are preparing battle. They are bringing half their armies,” said Meteor.

“Hmm…… Then bring a third of mine. We are stronger than them,” said Magnificent.

“Yes your majesty. I’ll prepare them tomorrow,” said Meteor.

“No prepare them tonight,” disagreed Magnificent.

“But princess our armies are too tired,” said Meteor.

“NO PREPARE THEM NOW,” yelled Magnificent.

“Shhh you’ll wake the young ones,” said Meteor.

“Who cares about them. Once I win this war they’ll probably be dead by then,” snapped Magnificent.

Meteor looked down at his talons. “But one of them is my child,” said Meteor gloomly.

“Do you want to be executed?” asked Magnificent.

“No,” said Meteor.

“Then go prepare my armies,” commanded Magnificent.

“Yes your majesty,” said Meteor.

As Meteor and Magnificent walked out Midnight had slipped into the secret room. When she looked around there was five dart boards with each one of them on it….

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 13)

As the young dragons slept Magnificent and Meteor were whispering in the throne room. They went behind a secret room behind the throne.

“So what do you have any news?” asked Magnificent.

“Yes. I’ve heard that your sisters are preparing battle. They are bringing half their armies,” said Meteor.

“Hmm…… Then bring a third of mine. We are stronger than them,” said Magnificent.

“Yes your majesty. I’ll prepare them tomorrow,” said Meteor.

“No prepare them tonight,” disagreed Magnificent.

“But princess our armies are too tired,” said Meteor.

“NO PREPARE THEM NOW,” yelled Magnificent.

“Shhh you’ll wake the young ones,” said Meteor.

“Who cares about them. Once I win this war they’ll probably be dead by then,” snapped Magnificent.

Meteor looked down at his talons. “But one of them is my child,” said Meteor gloomly.

“Do you want to be executed?” asked Magnificent.

“No,” said Meteor.

“Then go prepare my armies,” commanded Magnificent.

“Yes your majesty,” said Meteor.

As Meteor and Magnificent walked out Midnight had slipped into the secret room. When she looked around there was five dart boards with each one of them on it….

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 14)

“I’m telling you the truth. Please listen to me,” said Midnight.

“Fine then show us,” said Thorn.

As they walked behind the throne Midnight looked for a switch or a lever or something to open the passage. While Midnight was looking for a way to open the room, Thorn whispered something to Wave. All Midnight could make out of the whispering was ‘I think she was imagining it in her head last night’.

“Aha I found the button,” exclaimed Midnight.

“Can I push please?” asked Sandstorm.

“Sure,” said Midnight.

As Sandstorm pushed the button a large part of the wall slid open. Screeeech

After the door had opened, they had to find the button that will close it. Fortunately the button was opposite of the other button.

“See? Do you believe me now?” asked Midnight.

They all looked at the dart boards with their faces on it.

“Does this mean that Midnight’s dad is trying to kill her?” asked Incinerator.

A shiver had ran down her spine. “I don’t actually know. Magnificent said ‘Who cares about them. Once I win this war they’ll probably be dead by then’ and Meteor said ‘But one of them is my child’. And that’s what they said,” said Midnight.

“So Magnificent is the one who wants us dead,” said Incinerator.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 15)

“Ok now I’m creeped out,” said Sandstorm.

“Same here,” said Wave.

“Ok so guys I know you are creeped out but I was telling you earlier,” said Midnight.

“Now that we see this maybe Magnificent shouldn’t be queen,” said Incinerator.

“No no no. She’d be a great queen, trust me,” said Midnight perking up.

“Midnight it’s not just one type of dragon, it’s all of them,” said Thorn.

“I know. But all I’m saying is that she’d be a great queen,” said Midnight.

Midnight and Thorn were having a argument. While they were fighting Incerator’s ears perked up when she heard a slight sound…..in between the yelling.

“Guys. Guys. GUYS,” yelled Incinerator.

“What is it?” snapped Thorn.

“Just be quiet,” said Incinerator.

As the room became silent they heard a faint yelling. It sounded like Magnificent yelling.

“WHERE ARE THEY?!?! I WILL FIND THEM IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!” There was a long silent pause from the outside. “Fine if they’re going to hide them once I find then I’ll kill them,” said Magnificent.

Midnight thought that she wanted that as her slaves. It sounded like she was trying to lure them in………..

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 16)

“I think we should go now,” said Sandstorm.

“No, then she’ll kill us remember?” asked Wave.

“Guys let’s leave at night,” said Midnight.

“Easy for you to say. Some of us have brighter scales than you,” said Thorn.

“Well it’ll hide your scales better than the day,” argued Midnight.

“It’s true. We should go at night,” said Incinerator.

As the sun set the young dragons tried to find the secret button. It was too dark to find anything so they had to find a switch to turn on a lamp.

“Guys I think I found the button,” said Incinerator.

Magnificent and the workers had fallen asleep. As they packed their things Midnight had written a note to her parents saying ‘I’m sorry but I won’t be here tomorrow. It’s not you it’s me.’.

As they opened the door they tried not to make too much sound, so they had to push the door the other way as it opened.

“Bye mom. Bye dad. I’ll miss you guys,”  thought Midnight goomly.

“Psst Midnight hurry up or we’re going to leave without you,” whispered Thorn. “But it would be lovely if you stayed here,”

“Ok I’m coming,” said Midnight.

“Don’t look back, Don’t look back, Don’t look back,” thought Midnight over and over again as they left……

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 17)

Tears ran down her cheek as they flew further away from the small palace. The wind wiped her tears away. They all looked back at her with worried looks except for Thorn, of course.

“Midnight are you ok?” asked Wave.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine. But thanks for asking,” said Midnight.

“Really? You don’t look ok. You look more like your most trusted friend just stole all your cows,” joked Wave.

“Haha. Your my most trusted friend,” said Midnight.

As the five landed Sandstorm had tumbled into a nearby stream. Sandstorm shook her body to get the water off.

“So Midnight why were you acting so weird when we said Magnificent shouldn’t be queen?” asked Incinerator.

“Well the thing is that I was forced to talk you guys into her being queen. It wasn’t my actual opinion,” said Midnight.

“Well let’s get some rest ok?” asked Incinerator.

“Ok,” replied Midnight.

As they all slept under a tree, Wave had snuggled next to Midnight. In the middle of the night though she heard something rustling in the leaves. The next second in was on her head. As she looked up a long tail draped onto her head. It was a little dog.

“Awww it’s so cute,” said Sandstorm.

“Your not keeping it are you?” asked Thorn.

“I keeping it and it will go on adventure with us,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)  

Dragon War (Part 18)

Sandstorm played with Midnight’s new pet. It wagged its little tail as Incinerator brought it a mouse to eat.

“But we can’t take care of the dog,” said Wave.

“Yes we can. It’s my pet. I can do what I want with it,” said Midnight.

“Midnight we can’t. We have a mission to stop war,” said Wave.


As Midnight walked into a cave they were sleeping in Wave felt a surge of guilt. Her dog followed behind her closely.

“But Midnight,” said Wave.

The next morning Incinerator tried to talk to Midnight about letting the dog go. It was hard to even get her attention.

“Please Midnight just let it go. It’s too dangerous for a little dog to be traveling with us in a war,” said Incinerator.

“You’re just like Wave huh? I guess everyone is,” said Midnight. “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

She ran away near a lake and sat in front of a lake, thinking. Midnight petted the dog.

“I can’t leave you out here. It’s too dangerous,” she said to the dog.

Wave sat down next to her. “Midnight I’m sorry,” admitted Wave.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 19)

“Do you think Midnight’s ok?” asked Sandstorm.

“She’s fine. She just needs to calm down,” said Wave.

It was the day after Midnight had found the dog. Everyone tried to calm her down but it all it sounded like was yelling and arguing. Even Sandstorm yelled a little.

A week later……

Everyone was worried about Midnight. Eating less, caring about her dog more than her own self, and forgetting that she had a mission to stop war. It was only a matter of time that she would get hit by a branch and get multiple bruises.

There was a long pause of silence as the group dragons walked and tried to find the next palace to go to find the next heir.

“If I remember correctly we go north for the next palace,” said Wave.

“Ok then we go north,” said Sandstorm.

They flew north it got colder and colder the more they flew. It seemed that the next heir was the type of dragon who loved the cold.

Freezing in the cold was Midnight’s dog. She blew a plume of fire on a torch and made a small saddle out of very durable bark or what left of it. She stuck the torch on the saddle and made sure that it wasn’t close to his fur.

“Ok guys let’s go in,” said Wave.

“Hold it right there!” bellowed a voice.

(To be continued)   

Dragon War (Part 20)

“Come in or be caught in the clutches of winter,” bellowed the voice.

They followed the voice’s advice and came into the palace. There was a small fire in most of the rooms, yet most of the guards and soldiers stayed in the ones that had no fire.

“Well, isn’t nice to have visitors here? Isn’t that right little brother?” said a surprisingly light and cheery voice.

“You promised me that if I brought them in that you would give me a new pet,” he said.

“Excuse me and my brother. I’m Hail and this is my brother Storm. He’s the prince. I’m the heir,” said Hail.

“Sissy you told me you’d get me a pet,” said Storm.

“I know that I said that Storm. But now is not the time,” replied Hail.

“I WANT A PET SISSY!” yelled Storm.

Hail looked around that room looking for one of her many pets, yet she could not find a single one. Her gaze fell onto Midnight’s dog and grabbed him.

“HEY THAT’S MY DOG. YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!” yelled Midnight.

“But….I’m….the….prince,” trailed off Storm voice.

With a genuine look of fear Hail put down the dog. “I’m sorry. I panicked with my brother yelling about getting a pet. I have many, but I think they’re eating right now. I’ll give him one of mine later. I’m sorry,” said Hail.

“It’s ok just don’t do it again,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 21)

Wriggling in Storm’s talons was his new pet. Storm was very happy, yet the pet was absolutely miserable. Storm never fed his pet enough so she was very malnourished (skinny). Hail was having second thoughts about giving Storm her pet.

“Hail are you sure you want give him your pet?”  asked Sandstorm.

“That’s what I’m thinking right now,” said Hail.

“Thank you sissy,” said Storm in a childish voice (even though he is like 13).

“Storm I think Hail should take your pet back,” said Wave.

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, it might be because….you’re not….feeding…it,” said Midnight cautiously.

“But I—” a loud boom had come from outside as Storm talked.

As they looked outside they saw Magnificent’s army attacking. All of them had worried looks. Hail summoned her army.

“Storm I’ll let you keep the pet as long as you stay away from this battle, ok?” asked Hail.

“Yes sissy,” Storm said.

“We’ll help you,” said Wave.

“I’ll look after Storm,” said Midnight.

“Ok then,” said Hail.

“Let’s do this,” said Thorn.

“ATTACK!” shouted Hail as the guards went into battle.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 22)

Clawing,biting, and smashing each other into rocks. It was a brutal battle, yet Hail’s army outnumbered Magnificent’s. Finally, like any smart army, Magnificent’s army retreated back to her palace.

“Thank goodness it’s finally over,” Hail said.

“Guys. Guys. GUYS!” yelled Midnight.

“Yeah?” asked Wave.

“I’m sorry but Storm ran away,” said Midnight.

“Wait you’re kidding, right? You have to be kidding,” said Hail.

“No I’m not. I’m sorry,” said Midnight.

“Well, then let’s find him,” said Incinerator.

“I’d rather not. Let him suffer in this wasteland,” said Thorn.

“But then I feel bad for Storm,” said Sandstorm.

“Who cares?” snorted Thorn.

“Umm….I do,” said Wave.

“Me too,” said Hail.

“It’s settled then,” said Wave. “Let’s go find Storm,”

As they ventured into the forest they found a skeleton of a dead fox. It was unsettling to know that Storm was out there, in a forest with dead animals lying on the forest floor.

“I think I should have told them earlier,” said Midnight to herself.

“What was that?” asked Incinerator.

“I forgot to tell you this but this is Carcass Forest. Where no one comes out once the come in,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)  

Dragon War (Part 23)

“Did you hear that?” asked Incinerator.

“No. What was it?” asked Wave.

“It was like a twig snapping. But it was really loud. It sounded like the size of a dragon. Kind of like the size of Hail,” said Incinerator.

“Oh please. That’s ridiculous. Why would anybody come out here? They must have a really good reason if they’re going to come out in the frozen wasteland,” snorted Thorn.

As they walked by they saw the bodies of dragons. Their faces as surprised as a small mouse who found their way into the claws of a dragon. It was a traumatizing experience for Sandstorm, yet she pulled through the horrible nightmare called life.

One hour of walking later….

As they turned the corner of the thick, enormous forest, they found a dragon pale white sobbing. They were the size of two foxes stacked onto each other.

“Storm? Is that you?” asked Hail.

He turned around. “Hail! I thought you wouldn’t come for me!” yelped Storm. “I’ve taken care of my pet, see?” He pointed to a small kitten sleeping in a bed of leaves. It was less scrawny. It was rounder than before.

“I guess you can keep the kitten after all,” said Hail.

“Yay!” screamed Storm, waking the small cat up.

“Now how do we get out of here?” asked Midnight.

At that moment they saw a dark figure snatch up Sandstorm. Only his face was shone. He had a deep scar on his face. His right eye was closed, possibly blinded in one eye.

“This one looks like the one they asked me to sacrifice,” said the stranger with a evil smile. “Can’t wait to fly out of this frozen place and throw the chosen one into a volcano,”

(To be continued)  

Dragon War (Part 24)

“Of all the days you kidnap us, you kidnapped Sandstorm on the worst days!” yelled Thorn to the strange dragon.

He was to far ahead of them for him to hear Thorn’s yelling. Sandstorm tried to untie the vines around her claws and wings. Every so often the stranger would look back and to sneer at them. It angered Thorn so much but Wave stopped her before she could fly faster and fight the strange dragon.

“You will please the goddess of love. The wonderful Amortina shall be mine. No one will stop me now that I have the chosen one,” said the stranger.

“Who are you anyway?” asked Sandstorm.

“I’m ScarWing. I rise above the rest, giving no mercy and definitely no partners except for my new love Amortina,” said ScarWing.

“Why Amortina? If you sacrifice me she won’t love you that way, right?” asked Sandstorm.

“Ha! You think that she won’t love me anymore if I kill you? She has showed up in my dreams more than once, saying to get a small dragon like you and throw you into the almighty Volcano of death and blood,” said ScarWing. “And you will fall into it,”

They flew all the way past the border of the iceland. There it was a nice tropical forest, yet ScarWing was going to kill Sandstorm so they couldn’t enjoy the nice breeze. ScarWing flew to the top of the volcano and let Sandstorm hang on a tree branch.

“Say goodbye to your friends,” sneered ScarWing.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 25)

“You won’t let me fall. Only the cold-hearted would. Besides I don’t think you know who I am. I’m one of the dragons who’ll stop the war,” said Sandstorm.

“I doubt that,” snorted ScarWing.

“You’d never get with Amortina! I bet she’d rather love a harmless dog than you!” said Sandstorm.

“How dare you say that!” said ScarWing. “The only reason you are hanging from this tree branch is so that when your puny friends come to rescue you, I just plop you into the volcano,” sneered ScarWing.

A few minutes later the others showed up to the top of the volcano. ScarWing sneered at them and put his claws to the branch. The branch could snap at any moment with ScarWing’s sharp claws ready to slash at it. Incinerator and Midnight stepped forward but then ScarWing stopped them.

“One wrong move and your friend dies,” he said.

“No one likes you especially, not Amortina!” yelled Sandstorm from behind.

“Shut it pipsqueak,” snapped ScarWing.

“Why should listen to you, you have a brain full of seaweed if you think you can get with a goddess,” laughed Thorn.

At that moment ScarWing lunged at Thorn, clawed at her in midair. Just in time, Incinerator blew a plume of fire at ScarWing’s snout. Wave whacked him with his huge tail. Midnight went to untie Sandstorm, but then ScarWing thrashed into Midnight’s side causing her to bump into Wave.

“I hope you have some parting words to your puny friends,” said ScarWing. Then he clawed at the tree branch. Sandstorm was falling into the volcano now.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 26)

Right before Sandstorm fell into the lava, Wave scooped her up and put her onto solid ground. ScarWing was still fighting Thorn when he saw that Sandstorm survived.  ScarWing was very angry. At that moment a dragon that was pure white and had sapphire anklets, a ruby crown, and a emerald necklace came down from above the sky.

“ScarWing you have misunderstood me. This is just disappointing. I said that bring me the chosen one and meet me on the volcano,” said the dragon.

“Amortina, my love, I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you said throw the chosen one into the volcano,” said ScarWing.

“Well you tried to kill a small dragon, misunderstood me, and gave these adorable dragons cuts and bruises. I think you should be thrown into the volcano,” said Amortina. At that moment Amortina waved her claws gracefully and ScarWing went flying into the volcano. His screams of pain filled their ears. All they heard was screaming and the sizzling of the lava meeting his scales, until it died down and ScarWing was swallowed up into the lava.

Sandstorm was, once again, traumatized of the horror of ScarWing dying.

(To be continued)  

Dragon War (Part 27)

“We told you this a million times already, so I’ll just tell you this one last time: SCARWING DESERVES TO DIE!” yelled Thorn.

“I know but I just feel bad that he did. I mean he only misunderstood Amortina,” said Sandstorm.

“You know what, I quit. I’m not going to tell you again,” said Thorn.

“I really do hope mom and dad see the note. I can’t tell the others that I’ll be going back there. Especially Thorn. I bet she’d tell on me in a heartbeat. But maybe I can trust Wave. He nice and trustworthy. I wonder if I should tell him I like him. But what if he likes one of the others? That’s it I’m going tonight,” thought Midnight.

“Hey Midnight,” said a voice behind her.

“Oh hi Wave,” said Midnight.

“So what are you writing about?” he peered over her shoulder, looking at a piece of paper sprawled out across the floor of a cave.

“Wave before you look at it, just whisper it to me. The others can’t know about this, Ok?” asked Midnight.

“I promise I won’t freak out about whatever you’re writing about,” agreed Wave.

He looked at the piece of paper on the floor. A chill went down his spine when he looked at the paper. It wasn’t a story nor a drawing. It was a map leading to Magnificent’s palace.

“You’re going back to see your parents, huh?” asked Wave. “You know we have to keep moving. We need to find the third heir and besides this place is better to care for your dog,”

“I know but I just want to see them one more time,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)  

Dragon War (Part 28)

“How about we find the third heir and then come back to see your parents?” asked Incinerator.

“Ok then,” agreed Midnight.

“Ok then, let’s go,” said Thorn.

The young dragons took off into the sky. Wave had told Sandstorm to burn the map so Midnight couldn’t go find Magnificent and see her parents. Lots of thoughts were going inside Wave’s head.

“It’s too dangerous for her to go by herself. She needs us as much as I need her. I can’t tell her, not while the war is still going. Midnight I wish I could tell you I love you….” thought Wave.

“Hey Wave can I ask you something?” asked Midnight.

“Sure what is it?” replied Wave.

“So, if you needed to let go of something, what’s the best way to do it?” asked Midnight.

“It depends on what you’re letting go of. Such as your dog. You’d have to see how well it acts in a type of region. But if it’s something mental then I would just think about something else,” said Wave.

“Ok thanks,” said Midnight.

“Hey guys I think we might have found the fortress. It’s pretty big but it looks like the right size of a palace,” said Incinerator.

“Hurry I want to meet the heir,” commanded Sandstorm.

“Ok we’re coming,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 29)

“Ummm….so where is she?” asked Sandstorm.

“For the last time Princess Roadrunner is out battling,” said one of the guards.

“So is there a waiting room or something?” asked Sandstorm.

“Yes, come with me,” said the guard with a sigh.

As they entered the fortress, they saw tapestries of cati and lizards hung on the walls. Sandstorm felt more at home than any other place they’ve been to. It was like she was made for this. It felt natural to Sandstorm.

They entered a room full of blankets and pillows sprawled out across the floor. There were books stacked neatly in a pile in the corner, a few small, round tables, and one couch as long as the room.

“Stay here while Princess Roadrunner is at battle. We will catch you if you decide to try and look around. We have very tight security around here,” spoke the guard.

They all nestled in on the blankets. As always Midnight took a book from the pile and started reading it. Incinerator took a piece of paper and started drawing with the ink and feather. Wave thought about who they were going to pick for the heir. Thorn grouched at how unpleasant the room looked. Lastly, Sandstorm was in awe of the tapestries on the walls.

All of the sudden a dragon burst down the gate that kept them in. “That battle was awesome! I want to fight over and over again. Once I defeat my sisters then I’ll teach them a lesson not to mess with me!” yelled the dragon with extreme courage.

(To be continued)    

Dragon War (Part 30)

“Your scales look so cool. It has blue diamonds on it,” said Sandstorm.

“Oh my scales are impressive, are they? Well, you should see me fighting in battle,” said Roadrunner.

They (by “they” I mean Sandstorm) mooned over Roadrunner all day. She let them stay in one of the guests rooms in the fortress. Sandstorm dreamed about her all night. Nothing seemed to matter when she was around Roadrunner. It was as if she was her sister. But of course she couldn’t be her sister. If she was her sister, Sandstorm would be in the war.

In the morning

“So what do you guys want for breakfast? You guys should eat fast. Then we can decide why you’re going choose me. Also, my scientist did some research on my sisters and got some DNA samples. But the weird thing is that we don’t have a fourth sister. Either that or she got lost when our mom died and the dragons chose who’s side to be on. She was a fiery red color like you,” Roadrunner spoke directly at Incinerator. “But then you’d be in the war. Hmmm….wait a second. MANGO! COME OVER HERE! I NEED YOU TO RUN SOME DNA SAMPLES!” screamed the princess at the top of her lungs.

All of the sudden a tall and slender dragon rushed out of the room at once. He took one of Incinerator’s scales and took them to the room again. A few minutes later he returned with a shocked face. He cleared his throat and closed his mouth. “Ahem. I can say that this dragon is your sister. And I can also tell you that she was born only a few days before the war started. So she is your little sister,”

At that moment Sandstorm felt like thousands of rocks were crushing her skull. She never had this feeling before. It felt like what the others said about this feeling. Sandstorm was jealous of Incinerator….

(To be continued)   

Dragon War (Part 31)

As they slept, Sandstorm stayed awake. In her mind she thought thoughts that the others wouldn’t like…

“WHY IS SHE ROADRUNNER’S SISTER!? I was the one who mooned over Roadrunner. I was the one who wished for a fate with Roadrunner as my sister. Incinerator ruined everything. I wish I could just slash at her throat,” thought Sandstorm.

In Incinerator’s head… “Wait, if I’m one of the heirs does that mean I’m ADOPTED?! No, it can’t be. Mom and Dad said I was their little egg. I’ll send a letter tomorrow. Then I’ll know the truth. But the DNA samples must be wrong,”

As the sun rose, everyone went into the kitchen for breakfast. Sandstorm glared at Incinerator the whole time. While Sandstorm was glaring at her, Incinerator wrote a letter to her ‘parents’.

“SO, sis what do you want to do today?” asked Roadrunner.

“Oh, I was thinking maybe we could go play hide and seek?” said Incinerator.

“Good. Then I hope you get lost in the desert and die there,” muttered Sandstorm under her breath. “It’ll be your sandy grave,”

They went into different rooms, hoping not to be found. Sandstorm was the only one who wanted to be seeker. She grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started looking for Incinerator, calling out, “Come out, Incinerator, come out,”

Incinerator had hid in the oldest closet there, hoping that Sandstorm won’t hurt her when she finds Incinerator.

Incinerator looked through a little sliver of light that came through the closet’s old, rickety doors. “Oh, reindeer poop. She’s got a knife!” whispered Incinerator with a gasp.

With a quick glance, Sandstorm lunged at the old closet, knife in front. Sandstorm tore it to shreds and then aimed the knife at her heart. She threw the knife at Incinerator…

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 32)

Luckily, Roadrunner was hiding in the same room and blocked the knife with a piece of the old, crusty wood of the closet. Sandstorm groaned with annoyance. Her one chance to kill Incinerator, was ruined…

“SANDSTORM, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!” snapped Roadrunner.

“I-I just-um,” sputtered Sandstorm.

“I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! YOU ALMOST KILLED MY SISTER!” yelled Roadrunner. “THAT’S IT! Unless you can prove to me that you have a perfect explanation by sunset tomorrow, you be executed.”

Sandstorm walked out of the room, thinking about her death. She couldn’t die, she just couldn’t. Sandstorm was one of the dragon that would stop the war. She hoped that by the end of the day tomorrow, her head would still be intact.

The next morning…

Sandstorm was pacing around the room. She had no excuse for what happened yesterday. There was a small piece of paper on her bed. None of her reasons were good enough. “I can’t think of anything. I’m dead, I’m so dead,” she said.

Suddenly, Roadrunner burst through the door. “Hey, Sandstorm. So, I thought really hard about yesterday, and I changed your execution to right now,” said Roadrunner.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 33)

Roadrunner was furious. No one and she meant NO ONE messes with her. Nothing could calm her down at the moment, not even a nice battle.

She yanked Sandstorm by the wing, hoping to bring her pain. Roadrunner never had an execution at her fortress. She was so used to executing on the battlefield. “I hope you got an explanation before we get to the execution place,”

“I’M SORRY, I REALLY AM!” she shouted.

They entered a big arena. It was filled with thousands upon thousands of dragons, big and small. In the bottom of the pit was a dragon wearing full armor. The crowd all cheered as they saw Sandstorm come. Some saying, “I can’t wait to watch this,” or “I still can’t believe that dragon in the armor is still alive,” and “I bet the one without armor won’t last five minutes in there,”


“We are gathered here today to see Sandstorm’s execution. She will battle the current champion. The rules are: No weapons, no help from the crowd, and no wussing out. May anyone stand against the execution,” spoke the announcer.

“WE WILL!” shouted a group of dragons. It was her friends (well except for Incinerator)!

“GUYS! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T HERE! I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!” said Sandstorm jumping to tackle them, but the chain around around her neck tugged her to the ground with a thud.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 34)

“Oww! Is there a policy that you have to tug dragons hard?! Jeez,” exclaimed Sandstorm.

“Actually, the policy is to cause pain to whoever tries to kill my long-lost sister. A.K.A you: the worst dragon in history,” Roadrunner jumped in. “ANYWAY, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!”

They unchained Sandstorm and handed her a broken spear. The champion leaped toward Sandstorm, but she luckily dodged her. Her armor had her named carved into the side reading: Current Champion Scorpion.

Suddenly, Scorpion pulled out a sword on the side of her armor. She turned the sword slowly in her talons. It was stained with the blood of the fallen opponents. Sandstorm wouldn’t stand a chance against a sword with a broken spear.

“This is the end for me,” thought Sandstorm. She believed that this would be her last day.

Scorpion ran up to Sandstorm and started slashing the sword at her. “SCORPION! STOP! Why are you doing this. Look at you, you’re a monster,” shouted Sandstorm.

“The princess pays with fine gold. Fine enough to pay for a jewel-encrusted armor. Fine enough to pay for a golden sword. Fine enough for a-” Scorpion broke off in the middle of her sentence. “Wait, why am I telling you? You’re not worthy to live, you desert rat,” With a swift move, Scorpion managed to cut Sandstorm on her side.

But then, a strange dragon dressed in a dark cloak with a jewel to connect the hood to the other part leaped and tackled the champion. “GO NOW!” yelled the figure.

(To be continued)     

Dragon War (Part 35)

Sandstorm ran and ran. Her wings were bound to her be a strong rope. “Thank you!” Sandstorm called behind her back. She thought she saw the stranger waved to her. She was probably imagining it because of her excitement.

A few hours later…

Sandstorm was curled up under the bed in the guest room. She knew that Roadrunner was coming for her. “Never again will I try to hurt anyone. Never. Ever,” she whispered to herself.

Down the hall, Roadrunner was furious about Sandstorm escaping. “Search the area, I want every nook and cranny checked. She won’t get away that easily. I will make sure that she has a slow and painful death this time. And for the traitor that ruined the fight, throw him in the fire pit. But I’ll make that rat watch, as he burns to a crisp,” snarled Roadrunner.  

She left the corridor, while the guards spread out and searched. Sandstorm shivered as the breeze from the night sky whooshed past her under the bed.

“It’ll be fine,” whispered a gentle, kind voice in the wind. “You will be safe, as long as you escape tonight,”

“W-who are you?” croaked Sandstorm. “A-and how do I escape?”

“Just get that knife over on the dresser, cut the ropes, and fly free,” the voice spoke. “You will survive, I promise you that.”

“Okay,” shivered Sandstorm.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 36)

Sandstorm snipped the ropes that bound her wings together. As she flew out of the windows, Sandstorm noticed the guards at the window, jaws gaped open. I hope they’ll forgive me for leaving them, it was either death or freedom, thought Sandstorm.

It, somewhat, felt like hours of flying across the continent. Sandstorm didn’t feel like she didn’t belong anywhere in this planet. No where was fit for a scrawny, little runt like her. Her heart ached as she flew further and further away from her friends. They were like her own family. Dysfunctional is something most would say, but Sandstorm thinks it’s perfect.

She became thirsty so she flew to a nearby oasis. Sandstorm met a nice dragon named Rattlesnake. Since she heard that Sandstorm was an arena escapee Rattlesnake let her drink from the oasis, pay-free.

Sandstorm said goodbye and left. I’ll see you soon, guys, thought Sandstorm.

As the dark blue sky turned into an orange color, the sun had risen halfway. Sandstorm needed shelter, for when the search party came she could not be out in the open. Se couldn’t find a suitable cave or  hollowed out tree stump she could cover with leaves. Sandstorm thought, Hey! I think I can fit in a tree. Maybe that’ll work,

Sandstorm flew up the nearest tree and hid for the time being.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 37)

“Where’s the challenger? I paid good money to see this battle! I didn’t think I’d see a coward runaway!” complained dragons. “I want my money back!” and “I DIDN’T SIT WITH RANDOM DRAGONS FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR JUST TO SEE A RAT RUN FROM A FIGHT!!!” were yelled from the arena seats.

“Why do you think that stranger helped Sandstorm like that?” asked Midnight.

“To help her escape certain death. DUH!” stated Thorn.

“I think we should go look for her.” said Wave.

“Okay, let’s go.” said Midnight.

The group rose and left the arena, well all except Incinerator. Her head was down, not letting the others see her amber-colored eyes. “No. She tried to kill me. Let her die. This is what she deserves for trying to kill an heir. If Roadrunner and I win this war, I will personally have her executed.” Incinerator finally looked up at the group. Her amber eyes, now blood-red. Vengeance was written all over her face. A maniacal smile slowly spread across her face. “And see her bleed below my feet.”

The three slowly backed away. As soon as the were in the center aisle, they fled. Incinerator sat there. Staring at them, her smile started fading,

Hours later…

“Why was Incinerator acting like a maniac?” asked Midnight.

“She snapped, but for no reason.” said Thorn.

“This is not the Incinerator we know. There can’t be a twin because Incinerator already has a 3 sisters.” Wave thought aloud.

“Unless… No, it can’t be. The Book of Dark Magic couldn’t have been opened. It had an ancient seal to keep it from dragon to open it.”

“What is this Book of Dark Magic?” asked Wave.

1 and ½ hours later….

“Ohhhhh. That’s what it is.” said Wave.

Thorn face palmed herself.

(To be continued)