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Hello, my reader! My name is Madison (as you probably should know, since you’re on my blog right now). I’m Vietnamese and in a family with a mom, a dad, and two older brothers. I’m in the fifth grade. My favorite color is turquoise.  

I love playing with nerf guns. When I was little, I would chase my dad around the house, trying to shoot him. That ended badly, since I lost some foam bullets.

I like playing indoor soccer. My dad and I played with a soft ball, but sometimes we’d play with a real soccer ball. Anytime we’d kick the ball into something, we would have to pretend like nothing happened.

I also love reading. Two of my favorite book series are Wings Of Fire and The Land Of Stories. Another interesting fact about me is that I like pokemon. I looked through my brothers’ old cards and found a deck a pokemon cards.

Lastly, I have a dog. His name is Champ (although my parents call him a quote on quote thug). He is my very first dog. Champ is a throwback Pomeranian. His dad was a Pomeranian/Shetland sheepdog. That means that Champ will have the strength of a Shetland, size of a pom, personality of a pom, and adorable white paws like a Shetland.

That’s all about me.  I hope to see you next time. Goodbye!  

12 thoughts on “All About The Author

  1. You are such an enjoyable writer, with lots of voice coming through! Our class is reading your great post from Quechee, Vermont. We had a lot of connections with the things you mentioned, like dogs and soccer and reading. We are doing a Forty Book Challenge, where we’re all trying to read at least one book a week this year. (Miss Blessing: I loved the Land of Stories series too!) We wish we could meet Champ. Keep up the great writing. Some of us hope to return to read some of your longer stories, for the titles grabbed us right away.

  2. Hi Madison, you sound really active, which I can tell from your writing. It is really good and conversational, which is exactly what a blogger should be like. The more enthusiastic and fun you sound, the more readers you will get wanting to read what you write and find out more about you.

    I also love dogs. I have a rescue Jack Russell dog who is super cute. He is currently enjoying eating a bone in our garden. How much do you play with Champ when you’re not at school?

  3. Hey, Madison!!
    I got your comments and I have new friends in Vietnam. Actually I’m born in Korea but I living in Vietnam!!! I love your dog, Champ. He/she is so~~~~ cute.
    Oh! you are fifth grade, right?? I’m fifth grade too!
    I hope you can make more and more friends.

  4. Hello Madison, my name is Richey
    I like Pokemon too and i also like to use Nerf guns as well.
    You have a very cute dog i used to take care of my uncle’s dog and his dog looks like your dog.
    Your dragon war story is very interesting as well


  5. Hi Madison,

    I also play soccer like you, but I play outdoors. My sisters and I always play indoors inside our house, and we sometimes break things too. I also love dogs like you. I really enjoy reading, I really liked the Land of Stories series but I have not read the Wings of Fire series. Make sure you check out my blog:


  6. Hi Madison,
    I love playing with nerf guns too. I have a problem that I don’t have anyone to play with though. Who do you play with?
    My name is Eli and I am from Australia. I have a blog too. I would love it if you could check it out. Here is a link to it:

    Kind Regards,

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