All About Champ

Champ is a purebred pomeranian puppy. His birthday is February 24th. We adopted him on Friday, April 27th, 2018. When my family adopted him, he was only 9 weeks old. Most puppies cry the first nights without their mother, but Champ was acting as if he was saying, “FREEDOM!!”.

He loves to play with toys that dangle, he even played with my shoelaces. He’s still teething, which means that I take a couple of bites here and there.

When Champ sleeps, he looks like a fox sleeping. When my dad plays guitar, Champ curls up next to him and sleeps. I speak for my whole family when I say he is super energetic. I like to personally annoy him by taking his toying and running around the house.

In the morning, after he goes outside to go to the bathroom, he runs up the stairs and goes to my room to find me sleeping. Of course, my mom comes and tells me to wake up but Champ is the one who pulls me out of my dreams with his barking. Champ has gotten pretty attached to me. When my dad opens the door to his pen, Champ runs outside to play in the grass. When my mom opens it, he’ll bite on her dress. Lastly, when I open the door, he wants me to cradle him. He goes anywhere I go, so when it’s too dangerous for him to go into the garage, I have to lock him in his pen.

I remember one Saturday when we put him into his carrier and both my dad and I went upstairs, he cried, barked, and then whined. Once my dad came downstairs, Champ kept crying. It was only when I came down he stopped, cut off in the middle of a whine.

In all, I think Champ is an amazing puppy to have around.

 This is a picture taken is front of the school with Champ.