Dragon War (Part 37)

“Where’s the challenger? I paid good money to see this battle! I didn’t think I’d see a coward runaway!” complained dragons. “I want my money back!” and “I DIDN’T SIT WITH RANDOM DRAGONS FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR JUST TO SEE A RAT RUN FROM A FIGHT!!!” were yelled from the arena seats.

“Why do you think that stranger helped Sandstorm like that?” asked Midnight.

“To help her escape certain death. DUH!” stated Thorn.

“I think we should go look for her.” said Wave.

“Okay, let’s go.” said Midnight.

The group rose and left the arena, well all except Incinerator. Her head was down, not letting the others see her amber-colored eyes. “No. She tried to kill me. Let her die. This is what she deserves for trying to kill an heir. If Roadrunner and I win this war, I will personally have her executed.” Incinerator finally looked up at the group. Her amber eyes, now blood-red. Vengeance was written all over her face. A maniacal smile slowly spread across her face. “And see her bleed below my feet.”

The three slowly backed away. As soon as the were in the center aisle, they fled. Incinerator sat there. Staring at them, her smile started fading,

Hours later…

“Why was Incinerator acting like a maniac?” asked Midnight.

“She snapped, but for no reason.” said Thorn.

“This is not the Incinerator we know. There can’t be a twin because Incinerator already has a 3 sisters.” Wave thought aloud.

“Unless… No, it can’t be. The Book of Dark Magic couldn’t have been opened. It had an ancient seal to keep it from dragon to open it.”

“What is this Book of Dark Magic?” asked Wave.

1 and ½ hours later….

“Ohhhhh. That’s what it is.” said Wave.

Thorn face palmed herself.

(To be continued)

My Little Me

I have made 2 characters, both made from Charat. I have titled them both as Maddie.

The one on the left has many similarities to me. We have blue glasses, black hair, t-shirts, jeans, and messy ponytails. I do have highlights but Charat does not have a choice for highlights.  The boots, wings, and ears are very altered. First, I don’t have wings and ears. Next, I do have boots but not the kind my character is wearing.

The next avatar is another version of me. She has headphones because I love listening to music. I have messy bangs for most of the time. A nice, messy ponytail like the first avatar. My eyes aren’t purple, but I thought the purple makes the whole character pop. At school, especially during the winter, I usually wear black. The purple background is nice. I thought I’d add the background because I love to read about outer-space. The black dots would represent the asteroids and I would be the planet.

These are the avatars I have made. I hope to see you soon next time. Goodbye!

Dragon War (Part 36)

Sandstorm snipped the ropes that bound her wings together. As she flew out of the windows, Sandstorm noticed the guards at the window, jaws gaped open. I hope they’ll forgive me for leaving them, it was either death or freedom, thought Sandstorm.

It, somewhat, felt like hours of flying across the continent. Sandstorm didn’t feel like she didn’t belong anywhere in this planet. No where was fit for a scrawny, little runt like her. Her heart ached as she flew further and further away from her friends. They were like her own family. Dysfunctional is something most would say, but Sandstorm thinks it’s perfect.

She became thirsty so she flew to a nearby oasis. Sandstorm met a nice dragon named Rattlesnake. Since she heard that Sandstorm was an arena escapee Rattlesnake let her drink from the oasis, pay-free.

Sandstorm said goodbye and left. I’ll see you soon, guys, thought Sandstorm.

As the dark blue sky turned into an orange color, the sun had risen halfway. Sandstorm needed shelter, for when the search party came she could not be out in the open. Se couldn’t find a suitable cave or  hollowed out tree stump she could cover with leaves. Sandstorm thought, Hey! I think I can fit in a tree. Maybe that’ll work,

Sandstorm flew up the nearest tree and hid for the time being.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 35)

Sandstorm ran and ran. Her wings were bound to her be a strong rope. “Thank you!” Sandstorm called behind her back. She thought she saw the stranger waved to her. She was probably imagining it because of her excitement.

A few hours later…

Sandstorm was curled up under the bed in the guest room. She knew that Roadrunner was coming for her. “Never again will I try to hurt anyone. Never. Ever,” she whispered to herself.

Down the hall, Roadrunner was furious about Sandstorm escaping. “Search the area, I want every nook and cranny checked. She won’t get away that easily. I will make sure that she has a slow and painful death this time. And for the traitor that ruined the fight, throw him in the fire pit. But I’ll make that rat watch, as he burns to a crisp,” snarled Roadrunner.  

She left the corridor, while the guards spread out and searched. Sandstorm shivered as the breeze from the night sky whooshed past her under the bed.

“It’ll be fine,” whispered a gentle, kind voice in the wind. “You will be safe, as long as you escape tonight,”

“W-who are you?” croaked Sandstorm. “A-and how do I escape?”

“Just get that knife over on the dresser, cut the ropes, and fly free,” the voice spoke. “You will survive, I promise you that.”

“Okay,” shivered Sandstorm.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 34)

“Oww! Is there a policy that you have to tug dragons hard?! Jeez,” exclaimed Sandstorm.

“Actually, the policy is to cause pain to whoever tries to kill my long-lost sister. A.K.A you: the worst dragon in history,” Roadrunner jumped in. “ANYWAY, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!”

They unchained Sandstorm and handed her a broken spear. The champion leaped toward Sandstorm, but she luckily dodged her. Her armor had her named carved into the side reading: Current Champion Scorpion.

Suddenly, Scorpion pulled out a sword on the side of her armor. She turned the sword slowly in her talons. It was stained with the blood of the fallen opponents. Sandstorm wouldn’t stand a chance against a sword with a broken spear.

“This is the end for me,” thought Sandstorm. She believed that this would be her last day.

Scorpion ran up to Sandstorm and started slashing the sword at her. “SCORPION! STOP! Why are you doing this? Look at you, you’re a monster,” shouted Sandstorm.

“The princess pays with fine gold. Fine enough to pay for a jewel-encrusted armor. Fine enough to pay for a golden sword. Fine enough for a-” Scorpion broke off in the middle of her sentence. “Wait, why am I telling you? You’re not worthy to live, you desert rat,” With a swift move, Scorpion managed to cut Sandstorm on her side.

But then, a strange dragon dressed in a dark cloak with a jewel to connect the hood to the other part leaped and tackled the champion. “GO NOW!” yelled the figure.

(To be continued)     

Dragon War (Part 33)

Roadrunner was furious. No one and she meant NO ONE messes with her. Nothing could calm her down at the moment, not even a nice battle.

She yanked Sandstorm by the wing, hoping to bring her pain. Roadrunner never had an execution at her fortress. She was so used to executing on the battlefield. “I hope you got an explanation before we get to the execution place,”

“I’M SORRY, I REALLY AM!” she shouted.

They entered a big arena. It was filled with thousands upon thousands of dragons, big and small. In the bottom of the pit was a dragon wearing full armor. The crowd all cheered as they saw Sandstorm come. Some saying, “I can’t wait to watch this,” or “I still can’t believe that dragon in the armor is still alive,” and “I bet the one without armor won’t last five minutes in there,”


“We are gathered here today to see Sandstorm’s execution. She will battle the current champion. The rules are: No weapons, no help from the crowd, and no wussing out. May anyone stand against the execution,” spoke the announcer.

“WE WILL!” shouted a group of dragons. It was her friends (well except for Incinerator)!

“GUYS! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T HERE! I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH!” said Sandstorm jumping to tackle them, but the chain around around her neck tugged her to the ground with a thud.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 32)

Luckily, Roadrunner was hiding in the same room and blocked the knife with a piece of the old, crusty wood of the closet. Sandstorm groaned with annoyance. Her one chance to kill Incinerator, was ruined…

“SANDSTORM, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!” snapped Roadrunner.

“I-I just-um,” sputtered Sandstorm.

“I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! YOU ALMOST KILLED MY SISTER!” yelled Roadrunner. “THAT’S IT! Unless you can prove to me that you have a perfect explanation by sunset tomorrow, you be executed.”

Sandstorm walked out of the room, thinking about her death. She couldn’t die, she just couldn’t. Sandstorm was one of the dragon that would stop the war. She hoped that by the end of the day tomorrow, her head would still be intact.

The next morning…

Sandstorm was pacing around the room. She had no excuse for what happened yesterday. There was a small piece of paper on her bed. None of her reasons were good enough. “I can’t think of anything. I’m dead, I’m so dead,” she said.

Suddenly, Roadrunner burst through the door. “Hey, Sandstorm. So, I thought really hard about yesterday, and I changed your execution to right now,” said Roadrunner.

(To be continued)