Dragon War (Part 18)

Sandstorm played with Midnight’s new pet. It wagged its little tail as Incinerator brought it a mouse to eat.

“But we can’t take care of the dog,” said Wave.

“Yes we can. It’s my pet. I can do what I want with it,” said Midnight.

“Midnight we can’t. We have a mission to stop war,” said Wave.


As Midnight walked into a cave they were sleeping in Wave felt a surge of guilt. Her dog followed behind her closely.

“But Midnight,” said Wave.

The next morning Incinerator tried to talk to Midnight about letting the dog go. It was hard to even get her attention.

“Please Midnight just let it go. It’s too dangerous for a little dog to be traveling with us in a war,” said Incinerator.

“You’re just like Wave huh? I guess everyone is,” said Midnight. “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

She ran away near a lake and sat in front of a lake, thinking. Midnight petted the dog.

“I can’t leave you out here. It’s too dangerous,” she said to the dog.

Wave sat down next to her. “Midnight I’m sorry,” admitted Wave.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 17)

Tears ran down her cheek as they flew further away from the small palace. The wind wiped her tears away. They all looked back at her with worried looks except for Thorn, of course.

“Midnight are you ok?” asked Wave.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine. But thanks for asking,” said Midnight.

“Really? You don’t look ok. You look more like your most trusted friend just stole all your cows,” joked Wave.

“Haha. Your my most trusted friend,” said Midnight.

As the five landed Sandstorm had tumbled into a nearby stream. Sandstorm shook her body to get the water off.

“So Midnight why were you acting so weird when we said Magnificent shouldn’t be queen?” asked Incinerator.

“Well the thing is that I was forced to talk you guys into her being queen. It wasn’t my actual opinion,” said Midnight.

“Well let’s get some rest ok?” asked Incinerator.

“Ok,” replied Midnight.

As they all slept under a tree, Wave had snuggled next to Midnight. In the middle of the night though she heard something rustling in the leaves. The next second in was on her head. As she looked up a long tail draped onto her head. It was a little dog.

“Awww it’s so cute,” said Sandstorm.

“Your not keeping it are you?” asked Thorn.

“I keeping it and it will go on adventure with us,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)  

Dragon War (Part 16)

“I think we should go now,” said Sandstorm.

“No, then she’ll kill us remember?” asked Wave.

“Guys let’s leave at night,” said Midnight.

“Easy for you to say. Some of us have brighter scales than you,” said Thorn.

“Well it’ll hide your scales better than the day,” argued Midnight.

“It’s true. We should go at night,” said Incinerator.

As the sun set the young dragons tried to find the secret button. It was too dark to find anything so they had to find a switch to turn on a lamp.

“Guys I think I found the button,” said Incinerator.

Magnificent and the workers had fallen asleep. As they packed their things Midnight had written a note to her parents saying ‘I’m sorry but I won’t be here tomorrow. It’s not you it’s me.’.

As they opened the door they tried not to make too much sound, so they had to push the door the other way as it opened.

“Bye mom. Bye dad. I’ll miss you guys,”  thought Midnight goomly.

“Psst Midnight hurry up or we’re going to leave without you,” whispered Thorn. “But it would be lovely if you stayed here,”

“Ok I’m coming,” said Midnight.

“Don’t look back, Don’t look back, Don’t look back,” thought Midnight over and over again as they left……

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 15)

“Ok now I’m creeped out,” said Sandstorm.

“Same here,” said Wave.

“Ok so guys I know you are creeped out but I was telling you earlier,” said Midnight.

“Now that we see this maybe Magnificent shouldn’t be queen,” said Incinerator.

“No no no. She’d be a great queen, trust me,” said Midnight perking up.

“Midnight it’s not just one type of dragon, it’s all of them,” said Thorn.

“I know. But all I’m saying is that she’d be a great queen,” said Midnight.

Midnight and Thorn were having a argument. While they were fighting Incerator’s ears perked up when she heard a slight sound…..in between the yelling.

“Guys. Guys. GUYS,” yelled Incinerator.

“What is it?” snapped Thorn.

“Just be quiet,” said Incinerator.

As the room became silent they heard a faint yelling. It sounded like Magnificent yelling.

“WHERE ARE THEY?!?! I WILL FIND THEM IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!” There was a long silent pause from the outside. “Fine if they’re going to hide them once I find then I’ll kill them,” said Magnificent.

Midnight thought that she wanted that as her slaves. It sounded like she was trying to lure them in………..

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 14)

“I’m telling you the truth. Please listen to me,” said Midnight.

“Fine then show us,” said Thorn.

As they walked behind the throne Midnight looked for a switch or a lever or something to open the passage. While Midnight was looking for a way to open the room, Thorn whispered something to Wave. All Midnight could make out of the whispering was ‘I think she was imagining it in her head last night’.

“Aha I found the button,” exclaimed Midnight.

“Can I push please?” asked Sandstorm.

“Sure,” said Midnight.

As Sandstorm pushed the button a large part of the wall slid open. Screeeech

After the door had opened, they had to find the button that will close it. Fortunately the button was opposite of the other button.

“See? Do you believe me now?” asked Midnight.

They all looked at the dart boards with their faces on it.

“Does this mean that Midnight’s dad is trying to kill her?” asked Incinerator.

A shiver had ran down her spine. “I don’t actually know. Magnificent said ‘Who cares about them. Once I win this war they’ll probably be dead by then’ and Meteor said ‘But one of them is my child’. And that’s what they said,” said Midnight.

“So Magnificent is the one who wants us dead,” said Incinerator.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 13)

As the young dragons slept Magnificent and Meteor were whispering in the throne room. They went behind a secret room behind the throne.

“So what do you have any news?” asked Magnificent.

“Yes. I’ve heard that your sisters are preparing battle. They are bringing half their armies,” said Meteor.

“Hmm…… Then bring a third of mine. We are stronger than them,” said Magnificent.

“Yes your majesty. I’ll prepare them tomorrow,” said Meteor.

“No prepare them tonight,” disagreed Magnificent.

“But princess our armies are too tired,” said Meteor.

“NO PREPARE THEM NOW,” yelled Magnificent.

“Shhh you’ll wake the young ones,” said Meteor.

“Who cares about them. Once I win this war they’ll probably be dead by then,” snapped Magnificent.

Meteor looked down at his talons. “But one of them is my child,” said Meteor gloomly.

“Do you want to be executed?” asked Magnificent.

“No,” said Meteor.

“Then go prepare my armies,” commanded Magnificent.

“Yes your majesty,” said Meteor.

As Meteor and Magnificent walked out Midnight had slipped into the secret room. When she looked around there was five dart boards with each one of them on it….

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 12)

Meteor looked at Midnight with a worried expression. Not only will he lose his new daughter but he will lose everything he has…..

“Midnight, darling your father and I love you so much. And we hope you make the right choice,” said Silhouette.

“I know. I heard what Magnificent said,” said Midnight.

“Please Midnight I beg you, choose Magnificent,” said Meteor.

Midnight took a stroll around the royal garden. She stopped in front of a massive pond full of koi fish. She looked at her reflection.

“Well how am I supposed to choose when I don’t even know the other heirs?” thought Midnight.

“Midnight the princess wants to see you!” yelled Silhouette.

“Umm….. you wanted to see me?” said Midnight.

“Well I heard that you are the daughter of my head cook. You have a sister as well.But she is more useful than you….well at least until are doing something for me,” said Magnificent paying more attention to her talons than Midnight. “So now I want you to work for me. No matter what my sisters say, no matter how nice they are to you, you will stay on my side or else you won’t see your father ever again,”

“Ok your majesty,” said Midnight.

(To be continued)


Dragon War (Part 11)

“So do you have to make every meal for the princess?” asked Wave.

“Well not always. Sometimes when guests are here she uses the others because she think that they’ll judge her by having one cook have such a high honor,” said Meteor.

“May I help you with anything Mr. Wave?” asked another butler.

“Oh no I’m fine. And you can just call me Wave.” he said.

“Yes Mr. err… Wave. Yes Wave,” said the butler.

As the butler walked out he stopped at the doorway and bowed. All five of of them tilted their heads at the dragon.

“WHERE IS MY PERSONAL COOK?” bellowed the princess.

Meteor quickly ran to the princess. She glared down her snout at him.

“Why are you late?” she said.

“I am so sorry your majesty. I was getting to know my long lost daughter,” said Meteor.

“I thought you already had one,” said Magnificent.

“Yes yes I do. But we had two eggs. One was stolen and we were left with one,” said Meteor.

“But she is your daughter correct?” asked Magnificent.

“Yes she is,” said Meteor.

“Well she better choose me as the new queen or I will have you executed,” snarled Magnificent.

“Yes yes she will,” said Meteor shaking.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 10)

Dragon War (Part 10)

There was a long pause after what the butler had said. With wide eyes Midnight scanned the dragon carefully and looked at all the similarities.

“But you look nothing like me,” said Midnight.

“I might not look like you but you look just like your father,” said the butler.

“What is your name?” asked Sandstorm.

“I am Silhouette and My husband is Meteor,” said Silhouette.

“Ok the names are similar I’ll give you that. But take me to my so called father and then I’ll see,” said Midnight.

“Ok I’ll bring him here,” said Silhouette.

As Silhouette walked out the other butler looked at Midnight. He scanned her very fast.

“Psst Midnight do you really think that she is your mom?” asked Wave.

“Well I we’ll see,” said Midnight as Silhouette and another dragon came in.

“This is your father,” said Silhouette.

The others looked at the dragon who came in with Silhouette. They looked at him then at Midnight a few times. The two of them looked at each.

“My my, you are very tall. Tell me what is your name?” asked the new dragon.

“I’m Midnight,” said Midnight.

“Well hi Midnight. I’m Meteor the princess’s personal cook,” said Meteor.

(To be continued)

Dragon War (Part 9)

“Now we’re being treated like the special dragons that will stop war,” said Thorn.

“Well I don’t like it,” said Midnight.

“Why not?” asked Sandstorm.

“It’s just weird to have dragons cater to you for no price,” said Midnight.

“Isn’t that what parents do?” asked Wave.

“Why are you asking that? We found your parents right?” pointed out Sandstorm.

“Well after what Midnight asked me about how strange they were acting, I heard them say ‘I bet he doesn’t even know we tricked him into believing we were his parents. If we raised a child they wouldn’t be such a fool. The leader will be pleased.’ And that’s what they said,” said Wave gloomly.

“Oh I’m sorry I asked,” said Sandstorm.

Just as Sandstorm spoke a butler came in. He was carrying a silver plate with a roasted turkey.

“I have made you your roasted turkey Miss Thorn,” said the Butler.

“Thank you Butler,” said Thorn.

As another butler walked in she gasped at the sight of Midnight.

She dropped her plate and ran to her.

“My goodness you are so big. The last time I saw you was when you were still in your egg. Your father and I have missed so much.” said the butler.

“Umm who are you?” asked Midnight.

“I’m your mother,” she said smiling.

(To be continued)