I Am Poem

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.

I wonder how many lives I will have an impact on in the future.

I hear love everytime I come home.

I see the greatest adventure in the littlest of tasks.

I wish for a trip to a place where the wind pulls my hair back while being in a small cart.

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.


I pretend to be a pirate at sea.

I feel like I’m the fastest runner in the world when I chase my dog.

I touch  my dog’s leash like he is my trusty, noble steed.

I worry if the adventure will end so soon.

I cry tears of joy when I beat the challenge.

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.


I understand why I can’t yet explore some places.

I say to go onwards even when you’re stuck.

I dream about traveling all over the world.

I try to push myself the explore different places.

I hope to be a writer so I can write about my adventures.

I am someone who loves the sense of adventure.

My Mother

My Mother


A caring human

Known as my mother

As graceful as a summer breeze

Plucking flowers from the waving grass

And adding it to my hair

An amazing chef

Making gourmet specialities

A salonist

Dying my hair and cutting it

An artist

Carefully making strokes along her art

A delicate flower

Drifting off to wherever the wind takes her

An explorer

Looking for different places to see

A lover

Sharing her love with me and my family

Happy Mother’s Day


The Ideal Pet

Have you ever considered buying a pet? The greatest pet would be the most ideal pet. In my opinion, the most ideal pet is man’s best friend, a dog.

First of all, dogs help you exercise. Dogs need walks and when you walk them they aren’t just getting healthy, you are as well. Even if it’s just a walk or jog you get to breathe fresh air unlike the air that you get inside a house.

Secondly, dogs are always there to be your play companion when you are lonely. When you are alone they will play with you and keep company. After you play with the dog you have a stronger bond with it than before. You would get used to how it played and then play the same way with the dog.

Lastly, they are protective and will take care of you. If you are in trouble they would come and help you to make sure you are okay. If you are the dog’s owner they would have to make sure you are okay because they appreciate that you care for them. For example, if you were hurt they could not be fed and then would die of starvation.

In conclusion, if you want a pet that helps you exercise, is always there for you, and is protective, go and adopt a bundle of joy that is a dog at your local pet store.

The Turkey On Thanksgiving

It was a crisp autumn morning yet a shiver ran down my head to my big tail. My worries have come for it was the day the men hunt my kind. We were the main course for a Thanksgiving dinner. I was a turkey.When I looked up I saw hunters with their bags ready to stuff us in there and kill us later. In a blink of an eye I was stuffed in a bag with my panicking and frightened  friends. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we all die. Soon I was killed yet I became a turkey angel. My feathers had turned a beautiful snowy white instead of dirt brown. But I planned a job that I planned if I die. At that moment I cursed everyone to flip the table when they ate turkey. Then I went to every house against my will  to say goodbye to my dead friends. Only special turkeys became angels. Tears ran down my cheek as I saw my loved one be killed. But at that moment I saw a figure rise up. It was my loved one! At that moment I decided to live my life here with my loved one.

The End

My Opinion On The Book “Wings Of Fire Legends: Darkstalker”

I think the book ” Wings Of Fire Legends: Darkstalker” by Tui T. Sutherland was very exciting. If you had read a Wings Of Fire paperback book you will notice that it  mentions the dragonets of destiny but this is the origin story more than two thousand years ago. It was about a dragon named Darkstalker. He was able to see the future, read minds, and was an animus dragon. He got his animus powers from his Icewing father named Prince Arctic. Darkstalker is a Nightwing/Icewing. His mother is the Nightwing part of the family. Her name was Foeslayer. He also had a little sister named Whiteout. She was more recognizable to be a hybrid. At school other little dragonets would call Whiteout Weirdout because when you would ask her what was 2+2 she would say “uh lavender?”. The book also had other main characters called Fathom and Clearsight. Clearsight was a Nightwing who could see the future and Fathom was a Seawing who was also an animus dragon. Fathom had a good child hood with his family. His mother’s name was Manta, his father Reef, and his sister’s name was Pearl. Fathom also had a best friend named Indigo. He secretly had a crush on her. There was a party to welcome the Skywings Princess Sunset and Eagle. Queen Lagoon was killed that night along with Princess Sunset and almost all the Seawings. The killer was Fathom’s grandpa and brother to the Queen none other than the animus dragon Albatross. Only Fathom, Pearl, Indigo, and a few other Seawings survived. Pearl was the only royal family member that could inherit the throne because only female dragons can. Fathom took an oath to never use his animus powers ever. He also could not see Indigo ever again because Queen Pearl knew he liked her. Clearsight was supposed to go to school at the age of two but went to school at the age of three. For the past two years she had been studying the futures and taking note of them. Later Clearsight had to take a test to prove that she was able to join the other three year old dragons. The headmaster thought that she was so smart she should join the four year old dragons. She refused the offer saying that she wanted to stay with the three year old ones. At school she met Darkstalker who she was supposed to meet earlier. They fell in love with each other. Later in the story they talked about their future dragonets called Eclipse, Shadowhunter, and Fierceclaws. In the story Fathom got called to stop Darkstalker from using his magic to much so his soul would stay innocent and sweet instead of murderous and cold. Near the end of the story that was what happened. He became so evil that he killed his own father and almost killed Queen Vigilance who sent a killer named Quickdeath to kill him after all he did to help her to almost win the battle against Icewings. Luckily he stored all of his animus power in a scroll that was taken by Clearsight so he wouldn’t become more evil than he was now. Near the end of the story Fathom broke his oath and enchanted a bracelet to put on to Darkstalker so he would fall into a deep sleep.Then Clearsight buried his sleeping body in rocks inside of a cave in Agate Mountain waiting for the earthquake to come a bury his body even more. That is my summary of the book and I went through a roller coaster of emotions while reading the book but what I felt most was sadness.