Our Impact

Our work is guided by the belief that the true impact of EGUSD’s Grants Office is measured by more than just dollars raised. Our success is dependent on upholding our community’s shared values and striving to equalize the success and wellbeing of each student, staff, and family in the district.

Competitive grant awards from government agencies and local foundations generously support EGUSD programs and projects that uphold the District’s strategic goals and mission to provide a learning community that challenges all students to realize their greatest potential.

In the Spotlight

Spotlight Stories illustrate how EGUSD students, staff, and families are making a positive difference in our schools and community through grant-funded programs.


By the Numbers

By the Numbers highlights annual grants awarded to the District that build our capacity to serve the EGUSD community.

Media Mentions

Media Mentions highlights mentions of the District’s grant-funded programs.