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 Climb on up and find a spot on the floor (ignore the sign;  everyone is welcome!).   Click on one of the links below and have a  listen.  Our class has  some good stories to tell.   Write us a comment below.  We’d  love to hear from you!

Here are our latest stories:


20 thoughts on “Tree House Stories

  1. I enjoyed the Hell Hound story. It is really interesting. I like when it describes the dog. I have seen the dog.

  2. I just shared this story with a group of teachers, who were very impressed by the rich, descriptive language.

    So I have a question for Andrea. When you said you have seen the dog, did you mean you also have seen the Hell Hound, or that you could picture him as you listened to the story?

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  4. Well done on your stories Mrs Hardaway’s class. You spoke very clearly. I agree with Mrs Desler – you have used some very effective descriptive language.

  5. I loved your podcast about the Hell Hound.It made perfect sense that there was a huge Hell hound outside your window.

  6. I like the Hell Hound story. It was really interesting when he described the dog. I wonder what happens next in the story? I want to know.

  7. Your stories were great. I liked the music that you guys used. How did you come up with the stories?

    -From David Reese School

  8. Andrea I really like your story. You should become an author. I think your better than me.

    -from david reese school

  9. I liked these stories. The one I thought was the best was Hell Hound. It really scared me to know that a vicious creature is going around the Earth spooking and growling at children. Is that story true? I especially liked how you used the words “that demon dog” in your story. I thought all of the stories wre descriptive and detailed.
    -Diana from David Reese School

  10. -from David Reese School
    My favorite story was the roller coaster. There were a lot of adjectives in it. My Aunt rode on it , she said it’s fun. My stomch hurts when the roller coaster goes up and down.

  11. I liked the story rollercoatster ride. it was interesting, and at the same time funny I liked the part when she said my tummy felt like it was at her head

  12. I liked the story Salma goes swimming it was a nice story and funny. It was a good story… maybe one of the best one on tree house story.

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