Wash Your Hands!

This year everyone  fears the dreaded H1N1 flu.  And they should because it has made many people very sick.  But there is something you can do begin to protect yourself from the flu and even other diseases. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

Many diseases are caused by microscopic,  living things called germs.  While some germs are good for you, some can make you sick.  And germs are everywhere: on your desk; on your books, on your toys, even on your kitchen counter! But you can protect yourself from them by washing your hands, keeping your things clean and by keeping your hands out of your eyes, nose and mouth. Watch the video of my friend, Syd the Science Kid under “Health” in the links on the right side of this site, to learn how germs travel and make you sick. Also, he’ll show you how to protect yourself from disease caused by germs.  Then come back to write a comment to tell other ways to stay  disease free!

9 thoughts on “Wash Your Hands!

  1. Your right I think every body should wash there hands or else germs will spread.Every body is getting sick from the h1n1.Even some people are dying from the h1n1.

  2. I like washing my hands 20 seconds and 20 second washing it. when Im done washing my hand i always use a napkin to turn off the water.

  3. I like washing your hands. I think it teaches people to keep germ free and shows how germs travel and infect more people

  4. It is important to wash your hands cause germs are carried around to start a disease. Remember don’t touch the T zone.

  5. I think persons should wash their hands so they won’t get h1n1 and spred the germs. Thats why I wash my hands before I eat.

  6. I like the part when they told about the T zone. I also think it is importent to be germ free.

  7. I really think it is important to wash your hands daily. Germs are not good because it gives you sickness like H1N1.

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