9 thoughts on “A Gift from Iraq

  1. What a heart-warming story!

    I’m sure your letters warmed the hearts of brave soldiers who are far from home as they have warmed my heart today.

    Thank you for sharing this story with others. Your use of visuals and the mixing of adult and student voices help to tell the story effectively.

  2. I really injoyed the gift from Irac. I really liked it I bet that it warmed the hearts of many soliders in Irac.

  3. I agree with Mr.Needleman it was very heart- warming. I liked the editing and narration it was very nice. I also like the titles and music. The movie was very touching.

  4. That was a really heart warmings story. I never heard something so touching. Thanks sharing.

  5. I am glad we have people to risk their live and stand up for our country. They are so brave. That was a good choice. I’m glad you got that award.

    Jazmine from:David Reese Elementry School

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