Harriet Eddy Middle School took #UnfollowBullying to a new level through a student-led skit.  Leadership students enacted a skit with a cyberbullying scenario. They used this reenactment to illustrate to students the right way to handle cyberbullying.

#UnfollowBullying Wall at HEMS

Students have also been writing #UnfollowBullying messages on paper Twitter birds and posting them on a large poster in exchange for one of the campaign #UnfollowBullying blue bracelets.

Below are some examples of the messages HEMS students shared on their wall:

Without bullying, the world would be a nicer place.
Don’t be mean to people!
I hate bullying!
Don’t be a bully!
Don’t doubt yourself.
Be nice to others, don’t bully!
Don’t be a bully, be a friend.

#UnfollowBullying at HEMS

Please join Harriet Eddy Middle School students and #UnfollowBullying!