Celebrating October

Celebrating autumn is so much fun…with pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs, and bats!

We celebrated October with family and friends.

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Fall Harvest

Photo Booth Magic

Family Fun

Looking for Someone…Guess Who?

TK Pumpkin Patch

Black Bat, Black Bat, What Do You See?… a book created, illustrated, and read by TK’s is coming soon!

Black Bat, Black Bat, What Do You See? A book created, illustrated and read by TKs.

Celebrating October 2014

Thank you to all the terrific TK’s at Stone Lake Elementary where we have fun and learn about ourselves and the world around us.  We begin our journey with our October Celebration! Welcome to our world of imagination and discovery…



The great candy corn count...start with 1 and keep on going...

The great candy corn count…start with 1 and keep on going…

Listen to me count!

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