Spring Celebration

We celebrated spring with crafts, games, and much fun!


TK bunnies

TK bunnies

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Spring Has Sprung!

We celebrated spring with a bang!…planting sunflowers with our worm compost, watching the caterpillars transform to chrysalises and then flying away as butterflies, and most of all having loads of fun!

Worm Composting – We continue to shred newspaper and feed our worms.

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Planting Sunflowers – Our worm compost bin produced beautiful, dark, rich compost which we mixed with potting soil for planting sunflowers!

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From Eggs to Butterflies – Watching Them Grow

We watched as the chrysalises hung on for dear life and then magically emerged as beautiful “painted lady” butterflies.



After watching the butterflies for several days, we set them free….

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Welcome Watch D.O.G. Dad – Mr. Brown

Stone Lake Elementary is a proud participant in the Watch DOG. dad program.  What’s a dog?  DOG stands for “dads of great kids.”  Our Watch DOG dad helps  in the classroom and meets kids on the playground.  It gives dads an opportunity to volunteer in the classroom, work with students, and be a positive role model.  Meet our Watch DOG dad….Mr. Brown.

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